newshouse democrats tebow bill unfair to public school students

House Democrats: Tebow Bill unfair to public school students


Democrat vs. Republican on whiteHouse Democrats voted against sending HB1626 to Governor McAuliffe’s desk on Thursday. Introduced by Del. Rob Bell (R-58), the Tebow Bill – while allowing homeschooled students to participate in public school athletics – would unfairly create easier sets of academic standards for homeschooled athletes over public school athletes, putting them on unlevel playing fields for eligibility.

The majority of the House Republican Caucus voted in favor of this legislation that is opposed by teachers, public school administrators, and athletic organizations.

Del. Jennifer McClellan (D-71):
“The public school system is not an ala carte menu that you can pick and choose what you want to participate in. It is unfair to put public school students — who must abide by the school schedule and rules — against homeschooled students who do not.”



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