newscandidate for republican lg nomination blasts feinstein

Candidate for Republican LG nomination blasts Feinstein


ew jacksonE.W. Jackson, candidate for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of Virginia, released the following statement on gun rights on Monday:

“Once again the federal government is trying to trample the Constitution and curtail the Second Amendment right to bear arms. That right is also protected in our Virginia Constitution, but Sen. Diane Feinstein and her liberal allies are interested only in their authoritarian leftwing agenda, not the rights of the people under our state and federal constitutions.

“Sen. Feinstein’s proposed legislation would restrict the rights of citizens to buy or own a semi-automatic handgun with a magazine holding 10 or more rounds, and certain personal home defense shotguns and rifles. This is an outrageous attempt to exploit the deaths of those innocent children of Newtown, Connecticut who desperately needed an armed law abiding citizen to come to their defense. The Senator is taking a giant step toward rendering every law-abiding citizen defenseless against the criminal who will use such restrictions to advantage. Additionally, this will make criminals out of individuals who exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear these firearms.

“We will not allow the federal government to strip citizens of Virginia of our God given right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. One of the reasons I am running is to stand against the federal government’s unconstitutional overreach and persistent violation of citizens’ rights and liberties. The state government is the last line of defense against an administration and Congress which systematically defies the Constitution.”



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