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Bob Goodlatte: A new culture of leadership


goodlattefourinThe American Idea – it’s what guided our Founders in creating a system of self-government. It’s at the root of American innovation, and the push by generation after generation to go places we have not before gone. The American Idea is about opportunity and freedom to prosper. As a Congress and as a nation, this Idea is something we cannot afford to ignore.

Just a few days ago, our nation witnessed an important moment in our history. Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin was sworn in as the 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. In his first remarks, Speaker Ryan said “I believe, with every fiber of my being, we can renew the American Idea. Now, our task is to make us all believe.”

A new Speaker marks a new day, and I look forward to a new culture of conservative leadership in the House. I am heartened that Speaker Ryan has made changing the way the House operates a top priority. He has emphasized how the House will have a return to regular order, how the broken processes we see today will not be tolerated going forward, and how he is committed to a complete review of the House rules to make it a more deliberative, participatory process. Many of these are goals shared by folks in the Sixth Congressional District.

Too often Congress takes action without careful consideration of the consequences of its actions, or inactions in some cases. To that end, I am working as part of a task force to fully examine many of the concerns raised by Members, as well as changes that would serve to unify House Republicans and advance a strong agenda for America that helps create jobs, grow the economy, and protect liberty.

The House is the legislative body closest to the people; it is in fact, the People’s House. The fundamental principle that Congress must represent the people’s will is something we must maintain. A nation cannot thrive when the will of the people is thwarted or ignored. I look forward to working with Speaker Ryan to take a bold, new approach in advancing legislation that benefits the American public and renews the American Idea.

Bob Goodlatte represents the Sixth District of Virginia in Congress.



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