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Applications and features of electromechanical linear actuators

newspaperActuators are becoming familiar to many of us and many are using them in their day to day lives. Many purchase these linear actuators (see more at progressiveautomations.com/linear-actuators) on the website or buy them from shops that specialize in actuators. The DIY (do it yourselves) are given a step by step guide on how to install and use this actuators. Large companies also benefit from the array of motion systems provided by the actuators that give them the mechanical advantage of production. Industrial actuators enhance motion precision and energy efficiency in turn increasing production. Low powered electric actuators are available for DIY for setting up smart homes and appliance automation.

There are different types of actuators but the most used type is linear actuators. Linear actuators are simple to use and produce motion in a straight line. The motor, sliding tube, nut and fixed cover are the four parts that make up a linear actuator. These basic parts are necessary for its efficient functionality.  The process is simple and involves an electrically powered motor that turns a nut fixed at the end of sliding tube.  The nut and the sliding tube that are within the fixed cover in turn extends or retracts in cue with clockwise or anticlockwise movement of the motor.

An electric linear actuator uses concepts from two engineering discipline, mechanical and electric. Mechanical power generated in watts by the electric actuators is among the important considerations when analyzing the requirements. Duty cycle, electric power-in and efficiency of the actuators are the other considerations. When these considerations are taken into account, the actuator is guaranteed to be advantages both in the industrial and DIY field.  Electromechanical actuators are more efficient and require less maintenance compared to the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Their ability to be easily controlled and manipulated allows for accurate and precise motion.



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