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6 tips to follow when shopping for vape juice online

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Maybe you’ve heard your friends talked about these wonderful e-cigarettes (the e-juice) and all the flavors, options, and benefits it’s got to offer, and you wondering how you can be a part of the league too. Well, have no worries, vape juice isn’t so hard to come by. Many like you, who love to get adventurous with vapor, go online to find the best vape juice flavor that suits their needs, the reason being that it is easier these days to find good vape deals online. But, since you’re not yet a vaping pro, how do you choose from the thousands of vape juice flavors available? Is there a strategy to follow or a guide to help you during your decision-making process? Well, here are 5 tips to guide you when shopping for vape juice online.

Check the flavor

With over 7000 vape juice flavors available out there, finding the right flavor can be a daunting task. However, even if all other variables like PG or VG, nicotine level, and vapor production are perfect, the chances are that you won’t use the e-juice if you don’t like the flavor. So, before you shop for your vape juice, be sure to go for the flavor that best appeals to you. Luckily for you, vape juice comes in almost any kind of flavor you can possibly think of including cocktails, food, tobacco blends, and fruity.

Check the price

Don’t ever be wrongly led to believe that the first vape juice bottle price you find is the best you can get. It is true that you cannot vape without e-juice. But do you have to pay a fortune to find the right bottle? NO! So, when shopping for vape juice online, make sure you are getting something valuable for your money. Indeed, just because a vape juice is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. So, if you shop and pick right, you will not only find cheap vapes, but you will also find those ones that are delicious and perfect for your purpose.

Go for glass packaging

Just a few years back, we were used to having our vapor juice packaged in plastic bottles. However, little did we know that we were actually consuming a far-from-being-safe juice. Most of these plastic bottles usually contain harmful substances, toxins, and chemicals in them. And the last thing we really want is to inhale a juice that is already compromised. However, thanks to recent transitions, several vapor juice manufacturers are starting to switch to glass bottles for obvious reasons. Besides being safer than plastics, glass packaging has a longer shelf-life, they are user-conscious, and are easier to recycle. So, when shopping for your vapor juice online, be sure to go for the ones packaged in glass bottles.

Check the product source

The next thing you really want to do after choosing your vapor juice flavor is to find out the source of the vapor juice. Are you buying from a reputable reseller or you are going directly to a vendor? Either way, be sure to find out about the actual source of your vapor juice. The last thing you really want is to buy a product that comes from a dirty environment and production conditions.

Choose your nicotine level

Another factor worthy of consideration is the nicotine level of your vapor juice. You don’t want to buy a vapor juice that contains much nicotine level than you can handle. For starters, it’s advisable that you start off with lower dosages of nicotine. However, if you are used to smoking cigarettes before, and you used to smoke lots of them, then you can go for higher dosage to smoothen the transition from cigarettes to e-juice.

Find ways to save costs

Finally, when you go online to shop for your vapor juice, make sure you’re shopping for the best deals, which could come in the form of subscription packages, free rewards, discounts, and lots more. Sometimes, buying in bulk rather than searching for vape juice cheap can save you a lot of money. Besides, many resellers/vendors often offer some mystery flavors that might be better for users looking to try out new flavors. So, instead of buying a flavor you’ve never used before, only to throw it out the window, you can save yourself a bit of cash by first testing and trying it out.



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