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Joe Biden is so, so, so wrong on healthcare

The state of our healthcare system, the one that Joe Biden thinks is just kosher, is best encapsulated by this near-ubiquitous commercial promoting GoodRx.

Nice message there, huh?

Salt of the earth mother, getting off work, her kids in tow, one of them needs medicine, she hopes her insurance covers it.

It doesn’t.

If not for this handout in the form of GoodRx, her kid is SOL.

Wow. Just … wow.

And we accept this as being … acceptable.

That you pay hundreds of dollars a month for insurance, and it still doesn’t cover what you need, to a point where you need somebody to give you a handout so that your kid doesn’t end up friggin’ dead.

Or that you have insurance, pay your bills on it every month, and then your 2-year-old ingests a bottle of prescription meds, a helicopter flies him to the ER, and you get a bill for $40,000, because of course that’s the way thinks work today in 2019.

We accept, meekly, that it’s perfectly OK for people to beg each other for help on GoFundMe when their insurance runs out or just doesn’t cover what it’s supposed to.

This is somehow more acceptable than Medicare for All.

Because …

This one has been running on MASN during Nats games, which, screw them all for taking the blood money.

The scary message here is that if we end up with Medicare for All, then, bah gawd, we might have to wait for treatments.

News flash, a-holes: we have to wait weeks now just to get an appointment with our primary-care physicians, and if we’re lucky enough to get three minutes of their undivided attention, and they tell us we need this procedure done, or that one, more weeks waiting there, and god forbid we actually have to go through with it, because GoodRx certainly ain’t going to foot that bill, and GoFundMe doesn’t work for everybody.

It continues to astound me just how damn dumb we are to let ourselves be sold this bill of goods, that this is the way the supposed greatest country on earth should deliver its healthcare.

And then you factor in that this guy running for president is trying to convince us that all is well.

I really want to have your back on this, Joe, but … just can’t.

Column by Chris Graham

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