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How to use credit repair software

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Whether you own a credit repair company and are currently looking to streamline your operations, or whether you’re a consumer looking to fix your own poor credit score, you should consider using credit repair software. With this cutting-edge technology at hand, you will find the act of disputing inaccurate claims to be much more straightforward, you will be given the chance to automate the process of generating dispute letters, and you will be able to remove erroneous negative items from credit scores with ease.

If you want to take full advantage of this software and reap all of its potential benefits, you should, at the very least, have a working understanding of how to use this type of tech. Fortunately, information and advice on how to choose and use credit repair software can be found in the guide laid out below.

Choose a software

Choosing the right credit repair software is the first step that you must take in your bid to clean up a credit score. At this stage, especially if you have no prior experience in the field of credit repair, you should be sure to shop around and study the benefits of each individual piece of software. Some will be easier to use than others, whereas the more complex pieces of software might offer additional benefits that are better suited to your specific situation. It really is down to your prior knowledge of the field and how comfortable you feel using this form of technology.

DisputeBee’s expert credit repair software is one piece of equipment that you could turn to in this instance regardless or whether you’re a beginner or an expert in this field. In addition to helping you dispute false claims and inaccurate credit entries, this software will grant you access to educational content regarding credit and what you can do to keep your score healthy going forward. What’s more, this software will walk you through the process of writing and generating dispute letters, thus making this all-important task much easier.

How to use your software

Now that you’ve chosen your software, it’s time to get the ball rolling with regards to cleaning up your credit score. Here’s how you can use your software of choice to dispute inaccurate items on your credit report:

  1. Import a credit report
    Make sure that your credit report is formatted to PDF before importing it onto your dashboard. No matter what software you choose, this shouldn’t prove to be a difficult or complicated task.
  1. Automatically generate disputer letters
    Choose the items that you would like to dispute on your credit report — this could be erroneous accounts, credit inquiries, collections, late payments, etc. — and select the option of having your letters being generated autonomously. This will allow you to get in contact with credit bureaus, banks, and lenders instantly.
  1. Track your progress
    It’s vital that you continue to track your progress even after you’ve generated and sent out your dispute letters, as it could take multiple rounds of correspondence with the credit bureaus for them to take your requests seriously.

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