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Here’s your ultimate dad-to-be guide to parenthood

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Let’s admit it; fatherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences any man can enjoy. However, it’s never the easiest of responsibilities. It tests your decision-making skills and resilience and you are needed to figure things out even when there’s no solution in sight.

People prepare for the baby’s arrival in many ways. There are no rules about how you should shower your child. Even if you read a lot of books and talk to many people, you’ll still have a lot of unresolved questions.

Luckily for you, we created this simplified father-to-guide be on parenting to throw light on crucial things you need to do before the baby arrives. Let’s dive straight in.

Have all baby furniture ready

This may sound obvious, but with all the commitments that come with being a new father, it’s not uncommon to miss a few important things here. As with anything, it’s a good idea to start planning for baby furniture ahead of time. Discuss with your partner about any baby furnishings you may need for your baby to ensure you have enough budget set aside for them.

Where should your baby sleep?

It’s important to realize that your sleeping patterns will change after your little bundle of joy arrives. As such, we recommend discussing with your partner in advance about where the baby will sleep. This will help to prevent the tension that comes with this issue.

Have the nursery well-prepared in advance

If you have the luxury of an extra room and you decide that’s where the infant will sleep, it’s important to get the nursery ready well in advance of the baby’s arrival. Preparing the nursery room allows you to think and picture how life will be with an extra person in your life—in this case, a younger version of yourself.

Babies are susceptible, and by prepping the room ahead of time, you can ensure that the room is free of paint fumes and chemical off-gassing from new foam mattresses, window treatments or wall decals.

Take out life insurance

Let’s face it; life is full of unknowns and no one can truly predict what tomorrow holds. As a soon-to-be father, one of the best things you can do to show care for your family is to take out life insurance for dads. This policy helps to protect your family even if the inevitable happens.

While shopping around for a plan, consider your budget to ensure you are not skipping premiums or paying way above what you can afford. Besides, set another budget aside for your baby’s medical insurance.

Divide duties

A baby comes with a lot of duties and responsibilities. For parents, particularly mums, this can be a stressful time.

As a soon-to-be father, it’s a good idea to talk to your partner about who will be in charge of what when the baby arrives. You will be adequately prepared to receive the baby, and no one will feel overwhelmed due to this. It’s important to note that leaving one partner to do all of the work could lead to resentment and, as a result, insufficient care for the infant.

By dividing work, you will not only have plenty of time together but also each of you enjoys the much-needed rest during this challenging time. Alternatively, get an extra hand to help with household chores if you can afford it.

Purchase a month’s supply of baby care essentials

You have a full nine months to prepare for your baby. So when the baby arrives, the last thing you want is to be without all of the infant’s necessities.

Prepare ahead of time for all of the baby’s basics to avoid a last-minute rush or running out of them when they are needed. This means stocking the supply cabinet with enough goods to last at least a month. It will relieve some of the burdens and provide more time for everyone to relax and bond.

Clean everything thoroughly one last time

You certainly do not want your baby to find a dusty or not-so-tidy environment when it arrives. For this reason, do or have someone else do a final thorough clean-up of the house around a week or two before the due date. Because a baby’s skin usually is susceptible, make sure you dust everywhere to provide a safe atmosphere for the child.

Are you ready for fatherhood?

Becoming a father is an honor and privilege. Be sure to prepare fully for the new responsibility by taking the necessary measures we’ve outlined for you in this post. While at it, don’t forget to enjoy time with your young family. We wish you the best of luck.

Story by Kyle Anderson

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