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Have CBD gummies become the new trend?

Every CBD website seems to be selling them and everybody seems to be eating them, from Whoopi Goldberg to your grandma. CBD gummy bears are officially on trend.

But if you haven’t heard of them and still need some convincing, Google has recently published their top search trends of 2018 and “CBD gummies” were revealed to be the third most popular food search of the year. Only beaten to the post by “Romaine lettuce” in second and “Unicorn cake’ in the number one spot. Surprised?

CBD gummies have wormed their way into main stream culture, with even fashion sites like ‘Elle’ writing articles about what they are and how to use them. Many people see them is more accessible than other CBD products, such as vaping, and their popularity may have something to do with the legalisation of CBD, not only in many states in the U.S but countries in the world. We have seen a huge spike in CBD products in the last few years – this has been spurred on by advances in medical research, showing how beneficial this cannabinoid can be to our health.

But what are CBD gummies and why have they become so popular in 2018?

What are CBD gummies?

The most popular use of CBD gummies are for medical reasons. If you are not familiar with other CBD products, you’ll be interested to know that CBD is short for, cannabidiol, which is one of many naturally occurring chemicals or cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Research has found that these chemicals are helpful for a large variety of health concerns because they contain many medicinal properties, such as being an anti-inflammatory. And unlike other preventative measures they tend to have very limited side-effects.

One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD is that its psychoactive, meaning it produces a high. Unlike its brother THC, which does produce highs and is often smoked recreationally, CBD’s main purpose is medical.

These CBD products in particular have been named gummies because their texture is similar to that of the classic candy, gummy bears. Some are even made to look like them too – which makes them very cute. They are often sold in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes – to enable the buyer to tailor the product as closely as possible to their want.

What are the medicinal benefits of CBD gummies?

Like other products that contain CBD, gummies can be a great resource to use for a variety of mental and physical ailments. Here are the most prevalent uses of them;

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helpful for chronic pain
  • Used for insomnia

CBD can be an attractive alternative to a lot of people who have either had terrible side effects from other medicinal drugs or prefer to self-medicate. Whether you suffer from painful arthritis in the joints of your hands or are trying to heal a painful leg injury, CBD has proved a useful tool in recovery and prevention.

They are especially effective for mental illness, which can be very difficult to resolve through other types of medication. Disorders such as social anxiety, benefit the most from CBD use, as they can produce a very uplifting yet calming effect on the body. If you are suffering from symptoms which you believe will lesson with these products, always make sure to visit a professional doctor first.

It clear to see the positives of using CBD products but why are consumers choosing gummies over other methods?

Positives for CBD gummies

Fun Appearance

One of the most appealing qualities of CBD gummies are their appearance. They are one of the most attractive CBD products around, featuring bright colours and cool shapes. And because they look like sweets, most people feel much more comfortable consuming these than other methods, such as a vape pen. This is one of the reasons why have become so popular, what could be less intimidating than a chewy gummy bear? It just happens to make you feel relaxed too.

Great flavor

Unlike many natural flavored CBD products, gummies offer amazing fruity tastes. The natural taste can be quite bitter and earthy, and many people find it hard to use the oils because of this. If you buy good quality gummies, they will normally have real fruit flavors, which can include grape, orange, berries and many more. Also, many vegan gummies are now being produced in the CBD market, making it as assessible as possible for all diet types to be able to consume these products. So, you can enjoy these completely guilt-free – they are good for the environment and they taste delicious!


If you do feel like CBD is beneficial to your health, you may want to have the gummies on hand throughout the course of your day. A jar of these are so easy to pop into your bag for a quick nibble if you feel the anxiety start to take over. And even though CBD is legal in many places, there is still a stigma about using cannabis products. Who’s to say you’re not chewing on a regular pack of gummy bears? They can be a very subtle way to get your daily CBD without the worry of judgement from either your colleges, family and friends. And with the amazing benefits we have seen over the past few years from CBD, hopefully this stigma will eventually subside.

Negatives of CBD gummies

It’s difficult to find anything negative to say about CBD gummies but one thing we have noticed is that there isn’t a large variation of potency. On many websites if you browse their range of CBD oils, there tends to be at least 3 different levels of potency. And, obviously you choose which will benefit you the most. But with gummies, it seems to be one size fits all. That’s why it’s important to always read up about each individual product, so you have an idea of how potent the gummies will be. However, because of their rise in popularity this year we can only assume companies will begin to release a variety of not only different flavors but potencies too.

Final thoughts and where to buy

CBD gummies are easy to use, tasty and attractive to the eye. Its not hard to see why they have made such a huge impact on the CBD community this year. We love that companies are beginning to find fun and exciting ways for us to get our dose of CBD. They are already creating other new edibles, ranging from CBD drinks (which we hear might be the next big thing) to cake pops and lollies – increasing the normality of CBD infused food.

It’s hard to find a website that doesn’t stock some kind of edible CBD product. This expose is indicative of just how popular gummies have become this year – a popularity which will most likely continue into 2019.

If you are curious to try them, you can buy high-quality CBD gummies here.

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