Ecoline Windows: A simple window replacement can improve the overall feel of your living space

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When considering a remodel at home, it is important to keep in mind that exterior aspects such as windows and doors play just as large a part. Similar to a new layer of paint, new appliances, or new furniture, window replacements can help completely change the look and feel of a home and the encompassing living space.

Ecoline Windows is a Canadian-based company with locations across the nation that specializes in the replacement of windows and doors that are manufactured locally in Ontario. Ecoline Windows helps provide assistance in supplying and installing windows and understands that homeowners are always looking to improve both the functionality and aesthetic of their homes. A window replacement is not always done just to replace old, inefficient, or worn out windows, but is an opportunity to bring new light to the living space inside the house and bring out the best of each room.

Source of light

Windows are added to our homes, offices, and every other living space to help provide a source of natural light. When planning for window or door replacements, it is the perfect time to consider either expanding, or looking at different ways to increase the amount of natural light that can be brought into your home. Ecoline Windows explains that advances in manufacturing now allows for a larger surface area of glass as compared to older windows with larger, bulkier frames. After a window replacement, living spaces tend to be a lot brighter and more airy. Many customers have commented on the positive impact that a simple window replacement has brought to their home and families. Other options for window replacements include adding an exterior or patio door, allowing for the blending of both indoor and outdoor spaces, once again allowing for both natural light and more of nature into the home.

Ecoline Windows explains that a window replacement is also the perfect time to keep in mind that not only do windows act as a source of light, but they also act as a medium into the views outside the home. For most living spaces, this includes views into beautiful backyards, front porches, and blossoming gardens, bringing a whole new vibe to the living space inside the home. Windows are able to act as pieces of art that are forever changing, helping provide a never-ending canvas and allowing for the living space to be kept minimalistic while also providing inspiration for the décor inside.  


It’s no secret that exposure to sunlight and well-being go hand-in-hand and a window replacement can help provide a great sense of mental wellness. A window replacement can many times improve the amount of natural light coming into a home, helping bring with it brightness, warmness, and from a healthcare point of view, Vitamin D. In many Northern Countries, such as Canada, depression with a seasonal pattern (previously known as Seasonal Affective Disorder) is fairly common with up to 15% of the population being affected. The lack of sunlight throughout the day leads to lower energy levels due to a disrupted circadian rhythm and many times lower levels of the hormone serotonin (also known as the happy hormone). A new window with more natural light being let in can help improve mood and provide a general sense of well-being.

Weather benefits

Not only do windows help provide light, but properly installed windows can also help provide a good source of ventilation, says Ecoline Windows. While air circulation can be tough, the air indoors becomes polluted with dust and other particles and can make a living space generally feel very stuffy. When it comes time to replace a window, it can be the perfect opportunity to pick out ones that allow for opening during all seasons and weather conditions and when properly installed, it can help provide a healthier living environment. Air circulation is important for both the health and well-being of individuals, but can also help prevent mold from occurring inside the home, says Ecoline Windows.

A window replacement also helps provide more energy efficiency with newer manufacturing methods, helping to keep down the cost of heating and cooling homes. Proper installation with the highest quality of insulating glass allows inhabitants to be comfortable in their homes year-round.

Make the room feel larger

Not only does natural light help make a living space feel more comfortable to be in, it also helps make rooms seem larger than they are, especially when coupled with tricks such as using reflective surfaces and mirrors, says Ecoline Windows. Larger windows or narrow floor to ceiling windows can help create the illusion of having a larger amount of space indoors, helping provide a much more relaxed feel inside living spaces. A window replacement is the perfect time to consider which rooms in the house many be feeling cramped and may benefit the most from a replacement and remodel.

Final thoughts from Ecoline Windows

Ecoline Windows suggests consulting with one of their specialists when considering a window replacement, as many factors must be considered. When windows are replaced, they can help provide a home with a completely brand new look and feel, all while helping support a healthy living environment.

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