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Cats are sensitive souls

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On the Internet and pop culture, cats have the reputation of being aloof, slightly prickly creatures. They only rub up against you during feeding time, or meow when you’ve done something wrong to scold you. Perhaps they leave something in the litter box and stare at you when you act as the housekeeper and tidy it up. Then they go off on their own.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are actually quite sensitive to changes around them, and are complicated animals, like humans. Let’s go over some of the most common things that affect cats.


A home is a huge deal for humans, and this is true for cats too. Changes in the home usually are not beneficial for cats. These are situations like new people, moving furniture, changing a litter box or feeding bowl position, loud noises, or other animals.

Dramatic changes like traveling by plane or car, going to the vet, and moving house are even more jarring, and can result in days of withdrawal and recovery time afterwards. These changes in the environment might cause your cat to stop eating, or even misuse their litter box.

Eating habits

Any cat owner is familiar with the eating issues of their furry friend. Sometimes, just selecting a cat food brand or flavor they will happily eat is a struggle. Then after a period of time, Fluffy will simply stop eating that food. At that point, they would rather go hungry than eat that same item.

Even how you feed your cat has an effect on their health. Cats are hunters and used to stalking and chasing prey, then feasting, before another long period of fasting. This means the human schedule of breakfast, lunch, and dinner are meaningless. Owners who always leave food out might end up with an obese cat or one who has vomits after eating too much too frequently.


Some cats are choosy with their foods and preference, yes. But other times, discomfort and health factors play a role. That’s why on the market are cat foods of all dietary preferences and ailments. Cat foods for sensitive stomachs, or food that are low fat, high fiber, and so on.

As a whole, cats enjoy consistency with a bit of extra delicious treats sometimes. If you notice a chronic issue like vomiting or diarrhea, or irritated skin or dry fur, look into changing up the cat food after consulting a veterinarian. The food you’re feeding could contain an allergen or maybe excess carbohydrates, among other things.


Maybe you’ve heard that a cat is a relatively easy pet to own. While they are less demanding than a dog, cats still require regular exercise and playtime. An owner who does not play with their cat or cats will soon have a meaner animal.

Kitty will have excess energy and pent up aggression. Then they will take it out on your stuff, like drapes and furniture! And when you’re simply petting or feeding the animal, they might construe it as light playtime and bite and scratch. Overall, just a grumpier pet.

To keep the balance an owner needs to provide things such as toys and scratching posts.

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