Camping grounds across Virginia are getting an influx of guests

virginiaThere is never a shortage of holiday activities to try in Virginia, especially if you live in Augusta County. Some of the most popular destinations in the state are within reach from the county. The Shenandoah National Park alone has so many things to explore.

A recent report suggests that more people are opting for outdoor adventures as a way to spend their vacation time. Camping grounds and prime destinations across the state are reporting a steep increase in the number of guests. Is this a new trend in the making?

Accessible Camping

The drive to have more outdoor adventures isn’t something new, particularly in the state of Virginia. More people are embracing the challenges that come with going on a camping or hiking trip in various locations. Those challenges are what make the holiday experience so much more thrilling.

For those with minimum to no camping experience, there are also several alternatives. Many camping sites begin to offer glamping – a more luxurious form of camping – for the more casual travelers. At the same time, camping grounds are adding new amenities and offer guests conveniences.

Accessible camping is made possible by the availability – and affordability – of camping equipment too. For starters, you can now rely on top resource centers such as My Family Tent for information on the best camping equipment to buy. The equipment and gadgets themselves are available at better prices.

A Destination for Everyone

Virginia has a big advantage compared to other states as far as camping goes. That advantage is the wide variety of camping destinations to choose from. There are the rugged outdoor and challenging terrains of Shenandoah National Park for camping enthusiasts.

Casual travelers can choose friendlier destinations such as Virginia Beach and the New River Trail State Park in Foster Falls for a pleasant experience. These casual destinations also suit families and younger travelers going on their first outdoor adventures.

Another popular category of camping destinations is history-related grounds. The Chickahominy Riverfront Park is a fantastic example of how camping and history goes hand in hand. The park sits at the heart of the iconic Triangle region of Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg.

The same variety can be seen in the available camping activities. Camping grounds are working harder to deliver top activities for campers of different ages and backgrounds.

More Are Going Camping

The trend of enjoying camping trips and spending vacation time to go on outdoor adventures isn’t slowing down. Avid travelers and seasoned experts believe that the rapid growth in the number of travelers visiting top camping sites across Virginia is more than just sustainable.

The industry is responding to the growing needs for better camping grounds, facilities, and services too. Many camping grounds now offer better parking, access to nearby hotels and extra amenities, and other supporting services for travelers with different camping experience levels.

On the other hand, local communities in general are helping with keeping camping sites clean and maintaining a more consistent and pleasant camping experience for everyone. The cooperation can catapult Virginia – and Augusta County – as the prime camping destination of the country in no time.


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