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Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Cheap TV ads

tvThe office TV is set most of the time during the work day to simulcasts of sports radio. Which, apparently, is pretty cheap to advertise on., for example, it’s all over the place, all the time. The jingle is seared into my subconscious now.

“For the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world …”

Also wall-to-wall: J.G. Wentworth, who, if you have a structured settlement, and you need cash now, is the dude to call, apparently.

I Googled J.G. Wentworth the other day. One of the headlines that popped up was about J.C. Wentworth having to file for bankruptcy protection this past December, the second time in nine years the company has filed for bankruptcy.

Hmmm. Maybe J.G. Wentworth should call 877-CASH-NOW. Just a thought.

Then there’s Hall of Fame slugger Frank Thomas, who is now a pitch man for male supplements that are in heavy ad rotation across the platforms.

Funny thing about those supplements: everybody in the commercials makes a big deal about how great Frank looks. Dude is 75 pounds overweight. What’s in those supplements? Cheesecake?

Lots of those Sling commercials. Which are hilarious. Makes me want to go to one of those Slingers parties.

(I don’t want to take my clothes off, either, though.)

Looking across the spots, then, I’m coming up with a profile of what the advertisers seem to assume about people who watch sports radio TV simulcasts.

We don’t get good sleep. We’re perpetually short on cash. We need pills to help us slim down so we can look like Frank Thomas, which, yikes.

Also, we want to cut the chord, and engage in bacchanalia.

I’m switching the channel over to The Weather Channel now, for the record.

Chris Graham likes cheesecake.

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