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Best parks for walking in London

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There are many big parks in London. If you want to explore the beauty of nature, there are many incredible things to discover when taking a walk in London. Most famous parks in London are full of amazing gardens and abundant space for summer picnics, and above all, they are perfect for refreshing walks.

London parks are ideal for relaxing and getting in touch with nature. Also, there are many other things you can do from sightseeing to open-air theatre, live music, sports events, etc. There are amazing parks in London that offer breathtaking views of the city.

Here are some of the best parks for walking in London

  1.   St James’ Park

If you want to take a walk and explore the history of London, St. James’ Park is the place. It is one of the most famous parks in London as it has existed since 1532. It is a park where you can teach your kids some of London’s History. St. James’ Park was a great entertainment for Elizabeth I and Henry VIII used it as a Deer Park.

There are unique footpaths that go around the lake into the woodlands. The park gives a terrific view of Big Ben and the Horse Guards Parade.

  1.   Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of the most famous parks in London. It is a wonderful place to keep in touch with nature and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. It features a vast expanse of green open space, lakes, and wood, all for your walking and viewing pleasure.

This is a nature reserve park with hundreds of bird species. You can quickly get to Richmond Park from the Richmond station. It serves as a home for lots of deer where you get to have a fantastic view of a beautiful deer herd.

  1.   Hyde Park

There are a lot of  big parks in London, and the Hyde Park is one of them. It has many things to offer  and will be interesting both for tourists and locals. It is the largest Royal Park in central London. If you want to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, Hyde Park is the place to choose. It features wide paths popular among rollerbladers with many summer open-air concerts.

There are numerous activities in Hyde Park that can bring families together. You can have trips on the boat, ride a horse and swim in the lake.

  1.   Battersea Park

Want to take your children for a walk; Battersea Park is the right place. There is a Children Zoo where you get to interact with lots of animals. The grand riverside promenade makes it the perfect park for taking a stroll. Located in South London, it is among big parks in London with many things to make your stay memorable.

  1.   Greenwich Park

Here is the oldest Royal Park in London with many amazing places for  sightseeing that make your walk a memorable one. It was formerly a hunting park with a small herd of deer. You get to have an amazing view of London and Thames. This London park includes many cafes and the Prime Meridian Line.

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  1.   Green Park

This is one of the biggest parks as it features 40 beautiful acres of land. There are many exciting things to catch your attention as you take a stroll in the park. Want to meditate as you walk, Green Park is a quiet spot and the right place for it. It also features some memorials like the Buckingham Palace and the Bomber Command Memorial.

Your stay in London can be a memorable one as you explore what these beautiful parks have to offer.

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