Best countries for starting an offshore company

businessOffshore financial centers are jurisdictions that offer low or no taxes on corporate profits and also low requirements for the disclosure of information about a company’s beneficial owners. Classic examples of offshore centers include Belize, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands. Other locations are not tax havens per se but offer very attractive advantages in terms of taxation. Presented in this article are some of the best countries for starting an offshore company.


Entrepreneurs who open offshore companies in Singapore enjoy a low taxation regime (no dividend withholding tax and a low corporate income tax rate) and a very welcoming business climate. Foreign business owners enjoy all of the advantages offered by a reputable financial center and the fact that the company formation process is a simplified one.

Hong Kong

The Special Administrative Region is another location in Asia where the tax advantages are significant, therefore many investors, especially those interested in being closely located to Mainland China, choose to open offshore companies in Hong Kong. Although neither Hong Kong nor Singapore are offshore financial centers, also referred to as tax havens, in the traditional sense of the world, they do offer comparable advantages in terms of taxation.


Belize is one of the most reputable offshore centers in the world. The country has a tax regime that allows for zero taxation on company profits for legal entities incorporated here and the Belize International Business Company (the business form commonly used for offshore purposes) is a legal structure that can be easily incorporated and it is very flexible. A team of Belize company formation agents can help investors who are unable to travel to the location. Beneficial owners enjoy a high degree of confidentiality here – a trait shared by other financial offshore centers as well.

Some of these locations can be successfully used to incorporate not only companies but also investment vehicles like funds. The procedure for starting a hedge fund can be simplified in some of the jurisdictions mentioned above.

The choice among the different offshore centers around the world should take into consideration issues like taxation, investor privacy and ease of incorporation. The primary focus should be on the future use of the company, so that investors may decide on the most suitable jurisdiction according to their particular needs.

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