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Augusta County Sheriff’s Office warns of new IRS scam

taxAs tax season begins, the IRS scam has once again surfaced. Residents report being called by the IRS and told that they owe delinquent payments to the government that can only be remedied by making a payment, or facing criminal charges.

Those who wish to “settle” the matter are asked to purchase prepaid cards, such as green dot, Apple iTunes, or something similar, usually totaling thousands of dollars. The victim is then asked to call the scammer back and provide the numbers on the back of the cards which allows the suspect to obtain the money you spent on the cards.

As a reminder, the IRS, and other government agencies (including local agencies), will never contact you by phone and demand money in lieu of arrest or court action.

Recently, an elderly Verona woman received one of these calls and was swindled out of over $4,000.

Another potential fraud, involving Instagram and Go-Fund me, was recently brought to the attention of one of our investigators. The fraud is believed to be perfected in the following manner:

  • The scammer researches Go-Fund me accounts on Instagram and offers to pay the full amount being sought in exchange for paying a “process fee.”

Be vigilant when receiving phone calls, emails, postal mail, unsolicited contact on social media, etc., and do not release any personal information or send anyone any money without first investigating the legitimacy of the request.

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