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Alright, let’s figure out who gets to be governor

virginia mapRalph Northam, blackface, either as Michael Jackson, or in the photo with the guy in the KKK getup: disqualified.

Justin Fairfax: dang, man, those sexual-assault allegations seem pretty specific. Disqualifed.

Mark Herring: blackface as Kurtis Blow. Nice try, going old school. DQ.

Let’s start going down the Republican side of the aisle:

Did you endorse the gubernatorial candidate that ran TV ads scaring up votes playing up Latino gangs and black ex-cons voting?

Blackface 35 years ago is one thing. What’s your excuse in 2017?


Did you endorse the other gubernatorial candidate whose campaign to save Confederate monuments birthed the Aug. 11-12, 2017 events in Charlottesville?

People died in that one.

Moving on, back to the Democratic side.

Did you endorse Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax or Mark Herring?


That about covers it.

Looks like Northam is going to survive this one, which, who had that one way back on Friday, when the nonsense started coming down.

Pretty coincidental, isn’t it, that all this is coming out at once.

Notice how I’m not ending those sentences with question marks.

Column by Chris Graham

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