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7 career development tips

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Are you spending your workdays feeling unhappy and uninspired?

Or maybe you’re just eager for a new challenge?

Whatever’s got you stuck in a rut, these seven career development tips provide a clear path forward.

  1. Set goals

The first thing you need to do is set some career development goals. This could be anything from getting a promotion to moving into an entirely new sector – the key consideration is that your goals are specific, for example, to become a manager within 12 months. When you’re specific about your goals it’s easier to measure your progress and formulate the steps you’ll take to achieve them.

  1. Job shadowing

Job shadowing is a great option if you’re looking to advance within your current organisation because it gives you the opportunity to learn about other roles and gain a deeper understanding of the company structure. Furthermore, job shadowing allows you to see if you’re suited to a different job role without having to take the leap of faith by actually switching roles.

  1. Talk to your colleagues

When it comes to your own career, you can learn a lot from other people. So if you’ve got a colleague whose quality of work simply blows your mind, ask them to lunch and pick their brains. Seeing things from someone else’s perspective will help open your mind to new and creative ways of doing things.

  1. Use LinkedIn

Setting up a profile on social media platform LinkedIn is a great way to expand your network because its gives you access to hundreds of millions of professionals from across the globe. You can get involved with discussions with the biggest names in your industry and raise your profile by sharing informative articles and videos.

  1. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

When you’re looking to boost you’re your career, working all hours of the day might seem like the solution – it’s not. Eventually you’ll burn yourself out. Spending more time at home with your family and getting sufficient sleep is a better idea because it helps ensure that you can relax, unwind and wake up refreshed and productive.

  1. Attend conferences and courses

Attending conferences and training courses will enable you to learn new skills and gain a deeper knowledge of your industry of interest, all of which will help increase your employability. They’re also great places for networking, as you’ll come across people with similar interests and aspirations, who might be able to help you on your career progression journey by offering advice or introducing you to people in their personal professional network.

  1. Try distance learning

If you think you could benefit from earning a formal qualification, distance learning is a flexible option where you can earn while you learn. The fact that you’re taking steps to up your skills and knowledge will impress your employer too. If this sounds good, one of the best course providers is online institution Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning – its course catalogue includes an MBA and Management BA.

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