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How much is workers compensation insurance?

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If you’re struggling to make ends meet, getting injured at work can seem like the end of the world. Not only will you have medical bills to handle, but you might not be able to work, at least for a brief period, and maybe for longer. Fortunately, there is support.

Workers’ compensation insurance exists to protect employees when they get hurt while on the job. It can help you to cover your medical bills or make up for lost wages, and it’s also a way to get disability pay if it turns out your injury is going to limit your ability to work in the long-term.

The benefits depend on your state policies and your particular situation. Your employer might have insurance through a private provider, or they may be paying into a state-based insurance system.


Medical costs

Workers’ compensation will cover all of your necessary medical costs for evaluating and treating your injury, but your employer gets to choose your provider. You can go to your own doctor to get a second opinion, but you may need to pay for it yourself or with your own insurance.

According to the SC Workers’ Compensation Act, you can go to the doctor immediately and have the cost covered if it qualifies as an emergency, but otherwise, you will need to go to your employer first and then make an appointment with the doctor through a personal injury lawyer that they choose.


Temporary disability

If you aren’t able to continue working while recovering from your injury, workers’ compensation is required by law to compensate you for some of your lost wages. While you won’t earn your full payment, you will generally receive two-thirds of what your normal salary was in the several months before your accident.

Your ability to work, however, is decided by the doctor you’ve been assigned. If the medical provider decides you’re ready to return to work, or at least ready to do some other kind of work that your employer is offering you, you might put your benefits at risk if you refuse to go back. In certain cases you can also dispute a health assessment if you pay for evaluation by another doctor.


Permanent disability

Some kinds of injuries don’t get better. If the worst happens and you suffer a permanent injury while you’re at work, then you have the right to ongoing workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina. The actual amount of benefits will depend on the severity of the injury.

If you have a permanent injury but you are still able to work, the benefits will be reduced, and workers’ compensation may even give you a larger, one-time payment instead of continuing the weekly benefits. You may also qualify for training or rehabilitation to help you adapt to a new career. However, if you are fully disabled and unable to work, then you will continue to receive support.

A serious injury at work can change your life and put a lot of stress on you and your family. If you know how the workers’ compensation system works, you will know how to advocate for yourself in the process and continue supporting your family The most important thing is to focus on your health and get the medical treatment you need.


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