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5 leadership skill examples and how each one helps your business

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Leading a company isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. You have to embody indomitable spirit to push through potential barriers and achieve success. You must be someone who all your employees are willing to follow.

Some leadership skills will serve you well, regardless of what kind of company you operate or own. Let’s look at a few of them now.

You need a great sense of humor

If you’re thinking about examples of leadership skills, you might wonder how a sense of humor fits into that department. Cracking jokes isn’t going to help your company’s standing, is it?

That answer might surprise you. As the company’s leader, you may have to court new clients. When you do so, you should be charismatic.

That means putting the potential new client at ease should be foremost in your mind. Even if you’re trying to close a deal worth millions, you shouldn’t go into the meeting with a stern demeanor. You should seem amiable and pleasant, and that means being quick with a joke and a smile.

You can be the same way with your employees. You can be all about work, but you can also show them you’re not taking yourself or the business so seriously that you’re in danger of having a heart attack at any moment.

You can demonstrate through your actions that you’re business-minded, but a sense of humor can keep things lighthearted enough that none of your subordinates crack under pressure.

You can be confident

It’s hard to beat confidence as a leadership quality. If you project it, everyone around you will pick up on that, even if you don’t always feel it.

Most people have heard the popular expression “fake it till you make it.” This is something to keep in mind as you’re trying to gain prominence within your niche.

Say you go on a podcast to talk about your company. Maybe you appear on a morning show on TV, or you meet some potential new clients about featuring some of your products in their stores.

In all of these scenarios, you’re the company’s public face. You’re the one spearheading the initiative, and all eyes will be on you.

If you act at all times like you’ve been in that position before, and you belong there, people will pick up on that. They’re feel that success should come naturally to you, and before you know it, it will.

You can show you have character

It’s hard to quantify character or put your finger on exactly what it means. In the business arena, though, entrepreneurs should have character if they want anyone to take them seriously.

You can demonstrate character by owning up to your mistakes if you ever make any. That’s what you show the outside world if your business ever comes under fire.

Within your company, you can demonstrate that character by showing up for work earlier than everyone else, working harder to achieve your goals, and by accepting someone’s honest apology if they make a mistake. If you do these things, you show you’re the sort of leader and person who anyone under you will want to emulate.

You can be authentic

A company’s workers can spot an inauthentic personality, and the public usually can as well. If you’re all bluster and phony smiles, those around you are probably going to pick up on that pretty quickly.

Authenticity comes naturally from within. It’s the quality that makes people understand that when you say something, you mean it.

You’re not just promoting your company because people expect it from you. You genuinely believe you’re making the best products and providing superior services.

You can keep your composure

Keeping your composure might be the single most vital quality a leader can have. Understand when you start a company or take one over that challenges and unexpected situations are inevitable. What matters as far as the business’s continued success is how you respond to these situations when they arise.

Keeping your composure and not wilting under pressure sets a fantastic example that any one of your workers can follow. If they see that you have a firm hand on the tiller and you won’t let the company capsize, they’ll realize everything is going to be okay.

As a business’s leader goes, so that company goes as well. Think about that before you drive into work every morning or before you begin a conference call.

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