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3 reasons young professionals or students should rent studios instead of one-bedroom apartments

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Picture this, you have achieved an acceptance to the school or job of your choice, started your own business, and worked toward your goals of joining the professional world. Now you need to choose a place to live. When you are just making your mark on the earth, living can be a tough decision. You want to live within your means, be in a safe area, and you want to be able to have space where you can be free.

Saving your money

We all like to save money. For a student or professional, most of your money goes to other expenses. You have to pay for food, supplies, and so many other things. You don’t want to have to experience stress about the space you live in being expensive. That is where a studio apartment comes in. In almost every area, you will find those studio apartments are cheaper. In bigger cities, you could save as much as a thousand dollars a month, and you can begin saving that money for a rainy day or other expenses.

Another benefit is if you do a little digging when looking for studio apartments for rent, you will find one where the utilities are cheaper because of the smaller area and the number of bulbs you will have, along with the limited amount of appliances, that will save you up to an additional fifty dollars or more a month depending on where your residence is located.

Help the planet

By choosing to live in a tinier space, you are helping the environment as well. A studio will usually be between six hundred square feet in the normal range, nine hundred feet on the high side, or as small as three hundred on the smaller side. An apartment, on the other hand, will usually have over a thousand square feet.

Because there is a four hundred square foot difference, you use less water, less electricity, less heat, and will likely accumulate less waste. While the last one is not true with everyone, in many cases having a smaller space means you are not filling it with trash and unnecessary items.

Studio apartments for rent

studio apartments for rent are located in convenient areas. In many regions, studio apartments are located near colleges, offices, and most often, the city’s sights. That helps with the commute for professionals and for the students rushing to class every day.

Find your perfect studio

When you have found your perfect spot, you will notice that you save money and put your best foot forward. It’s a fantastic option to spend less money on furniture and other areas, and it’s easier to clean. It will allow you to focus on your goals instead of accumulating things you don’t need. Rather, keep your focus on improving and advancing yourself to live comfortably and make the space feel like your own while making your mark on the world.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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