Why we still fear working in the cloud

Whenever there is a ‘new’ technology there is a normal amount of concern that comes along with the territory. It’s like the old saying goes, we naturally fear the unknown. But, why do we still fear cloud computing when it’s been around for so many years now and in actuality, the Internet itself is the Cloud! Even so, when asked why they aren’t using more cloud-based services, private individuals, nonprofits and businesses alike all express at least one or more of the following key concerns over working in the Cloud.


1. Privacy and Security

The funny thing about this concern is the fact that most of the big hacks we have heard about in recent years have been local mainframes that had been hacked! For example, it wasn’t the cloud server that was breached in the Oracle hack of 2016. Their point of sales Micros division was breached, leading to a significant amount of panic within their customer base. Then there were the breeches within the Trump real estate systems that had nothing to do with a cloud-based platform because the system they were using was terribly antiquated and based on local hard drives.

A bit of advice seems to be called for here in light of all the concerns over security and privacy. Since most IT professionals understand that cloud servers are actually many times more secure than local mainframes due to 24/7 on-site security teams with the latest patches always being updated as problems are identified, you might want to invest in a little PR. A well-rounded digital marketing agency such as Single Grain not only provides backlinks and PPC ads, they are also expert in content geared towards public relations. Let the public know that your cloud services have the latest security technology and to what measures you will go to ensure their safety. Marketing pros like Single Grain are able to overcome objections even before they are made, and sometimes this is exactly what you need to do when fear is out of control!


2. Inexperienced Staff and Lack of Technological Resources

Here is the second greatest fear when thinking about cloud computing. Many startups have given the whole industry a bad name because they lacked the expertise or resources to offer the level of service their clients required. You see this time and again when major brands relegate their call centers to some obscure third world country where the ‘customer service’ reps don’t even speak English fluently enough to understand what you are asking them!

In order to address this fear, it is suggested that you keep operations at home and seek out the top talent within your industry. Customers have a right to expect the service they are paying for and if they encounter a glitch, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, it is nonetheless significant to them. If you’ve already gotten bad press, hire a digital marketing agency to engage in a full-out PR campaign. Nothing builds a business faster than word of mouth but the opposite also holds true. Working in the cloud should be a worry-free process, so make every effort to offer that to your customers, and when all else fails, enlist the help of digital marketers to overcome any bad press. In the end, it pays.

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