When is the best time to move to VoIP?

Communication is the lifeline of every business. After all, you talk to your customers, clients, vendors, and staff on a daily basis. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that if the communication lines go down even for a few hours, it can cause a considerable loss to the business in terms of both finance and brand reputation, especially if yours is mainly a B2C business. So, can the new-gen VOIP systems be a good alternative? The answer is “yes”.


Communication systems that are based on Voice over Internet Protocol i.e. VoIP are cheaper and more efficient than traditional phone systems. In fact, you can go through some of the best online reviews about the latest VoIP systems in the market to see for yourself. However, the question remains- “what’s best time to make the switch?” Let’s address it once and for all.

When is the best time to move to VoIP?

The plain and simple answer is “today”! With the numerous virtues of hosted VoIP including the privilege of owning an advanced phone system sans the hardware costs, scalability, boosted productivity, there is no better time for making the switch than “ASAP”. Delaying the move will only rob you of various opportunities and let the rivals who have already made the transition take the lead. However, if you are still not convinced, then read on.

Better Client Interaction

With traditional phone systems, you get little control over call management, especially when we talk about voicemails. Since today’s businesses involve a lot of traveling, you can use a VoIP to attend important calls on the go. For instance, you can set up the system to let the calls go to your office, and if someone doesn’t answer the first 3 calls, then it can transfer it to your mobile phone. This way, you don’t have to miss an important business call no matter where you are.

Better Preparedness for Disasters

It’s no secret that cloud computing is one of the biggest technologies we have today. We are already making huge improvements, like the Virginia Tech researchers recently tested and confirmed that smartly containing the cloud increases cloud efficiency. However, there is another major advantage of using the cloud, especially the cloud-based VoIP solutions- disaster recovery.

Just think about it, if you are using a PSTN or TSD system, you are heavily hardware dependent. If your building is damaged by floods or an earthquake, then it can damage your phone lines and disrupt business continuity. That’s a double whammy of losing the equipment as well as potential customers who try to contact you for purchase orders only to find that the communication links are broken.

With Cloud-based VoIP systems, there are no rigid hardware dependencies. All you need to do is arrange a stable Internet connection and you can find all your contacts easily and get the communication line up again. Depending on your service provider, you can also enjoy dedicated support during emergencies.

Cost Saving

If you think that VoIP makes sense only for the large business, then you are wrong. In fact, VoIP is more beneficial to SMEs than large businesses in terms of cost savings. As per a case study published on PC World, when a particular SME moved to VoIP, it started saving a whopping $1,200 per month! There are many other studies that have shown the financial benefits of moving to VoIP systems, i.e. savings typically ranging from 50% to 75% of average monthly bills.

Bottom Line

The VoIP market is ever-growing and projected to cross the $200 billion mark by 2020 itself. It only goes to show that organizations around the world are seeing the merit here. The majority of competitive businesses have already embraced the VoIP technology and more are joining the league at an impressive rate. It’s only natural that most of the upcoming businesses will ditch the traditional phone lines altogether in the next few years. So, coming back to the billion-dollar question here- when is the best time to move to VoIP? The answer is now.

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