Virginia close to legalizing gambling: Things to consider before playing online

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In 2018, an independent poll discovered that over 60% of registered voters would be in favor of legalizing sports betting and gambling. Virginia is considered to be one of the most restrictive states in the US and gambling is still an activity that is frowned upon among most people. But it’s interesting to see that a majority of its citizens supports the legalization of gambling. It is also a sign that with each passing day, the Virginian legislators are getting closer to legalizing gambling. If you’re interested in the topic of online gambling, continue reading to find out everything you should know about this popular pastime before playing for real money online.

The Current State of Gambling in the US

Most Americans are aware that gambling in the US is legally restricted. With that said, this is not as simple as it sounds. Gambling is legal under US federal law, but there are significant restrictions when it comes to interstate and online gaming. This is mainly because each state is entirely free to regulate gambling activities. While casino-style gambling is still not as widespread in a majority of states, almost every state allows some form of gambling activities.

Online gambling, in particular, has seen a stable and steady rise over the past two years, mainly thanks to the favorable online gambling laws in gambling-friendly states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Among all online casinos operating in the US, one specific type of casino sites has proven to be very popular among online casino players. PayPal casinos are increasing lately, and there are several reasons why this is the case. Since PayPal is one of the most trustworthy and secure online payment methods, casinos that have integrated this payment service guarantee many benefits, the best of them being:

  • An unmatched level of safety and security
  • Simple Deposits and Quick Withdrawals
  • Exclusive bonuses and casino deposit benefits

When Can We Expect This to Come to Fruition?

The rapid popularization of online gambling has taken place over the last decade or so. That’s why a significant portion of the gambling industry, including a few government officials have raised the question of the possible nationwide legalization of gambling by the Trump Administration. As we’ve mentioned above, only a handful of states have fully legalized online gambling. Many others, however, are looking to do the same and are waiting for the right moment.

Additionally, the fact that the Supreme Court has recently ruled in favor of the legalization of sports betting could be a sign that the entire country is ready to make a push towards legalizing online gambling shortly. Why we can’t say for certain when will Virginians be able to gamble online, the proposal must pass the local referendum before January 1st, 2021.

Will Players have to Pay Taxes On Winnings?

While the legalization of gambling will surely boost the mood of every gambling enthusiast in Virginia, it’s also important to be aware of other, less-interesting aspects of this future legislation – tax laws. What’s particularly interesting about the possibility of legalizing gambling in the state of Virginia is the legislators to approach these potential tax laws for casino players. Instead of introducing new taxes, the legislators are looking into the possibility of introducing tax cuts. This option could prove to be very favorable for land-based and online casino players, but also for people with low and moderate incomes in Virginia, as the gambling tax would be in the form of tax cuts for everyone.

Things to Consider Before Jumping On Board

High chances are that Virginia will pass gambling legislation in the near future. Before this happens and legal online casinos open their doors to online players, there’s a number of things every player should know before starting his online gaming experience. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when playing online:

  • Look for the best online bonuses – Casino bonuses differ from site to site. Finding the casino with the bonuses most suitable for your style can provide you with a lot of value for your money. Pay close attention to casinos offering regular bonuses and loyalty promotions.
  • Be careful about licenses and certificates – The most trustworthy sites always list their certificates and other legislation information on the footer of their home page.
  • Always play at RNG casinos – RNG (Random Number Generator) is a very important aspect of playing online. RNG casino games are fair, random and cannot be controlled or manipulated.
  • Pay attention to details – Details such as payment methods, variety of games, quality of customer support are all very important aspects that make a trustworthy online casino.

Story by Amanda Moore

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