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Top places to live when retiring  

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When you retire, one of the key priorities is finding some place where you can settle down, using whatever savings you were able to accumulate over your lifetime to settle down in style and comfort. Of course, some places will be more accommodating than others to retirees, and some are even tailored to people looking to settle down for the remainder of their lives. So today, we will look at some of the top places to live when retiring.

Top places to live when retiring

South Carolina is a popular place for retirees to hit up; in particular, Myrtle Beach oceanfront houses for sale are a significant part of the attraction to the state. And it should come as no surprise. Beachside property is deeply popular to those who find the heat preferable.

Of course, one of the most significant factors that go into your retirement destination is what you can afford. Not everyone is going to be able to afford the very best in retirement living. For those in that situation, they could consider checking out Pensacola, FL. Florida is the stereotypical destination for retirees, but to be honest, it is for a good reason. Totaling just under 500,000 residents with a 22 percent rate of people 60 or older, it’s a great middle-ground between “too small” and “too big.” Mortgage costs are not that bad, totaling around $1300 a month, while the median monthly rent is about $1000. A retiree should be able to retire here in comfort. Not only that but there is so much aquatic life for you to enjoy, ranging from dolphins to sea turtles and so much more.

However, if you would rather live somewhere inland, you could check out Chattanooga, Tennessee. The living costs are even more affordable than in Pensacola, coming out at around $800 and $1200 for rent and mortgage, respectively. The economy and work available in the area could also do well for any retirees looking to continue doing some work. A tech-minded retiree will find a lot of opportunities in this area that they may not if they decide to settle down elsewhere. Grand Rapids, Michigan, is suitable for those who prefer a chillier retirement spot, and it’s similarly affordable ($860 for rent and $1250 for mortgage). It’s also a great spot to check out in general, what with the beautiful lakes it lays (partial) claim to. It also has a fantastic art scene for those of you with that discerning eye.

Of course, many retirees have quite a war chest ready for their retirement and may want to spend a little extra. In that case, a place like Orlando, FL might fit that person’s M.O. to a T. It’s a little more expensive than a Pensacola, with rent around $1150 and mortgage around $1500, but it’s great if you want to be able to get out and enjoy a bigger city. On top of that, it’s conveniently located nearby Walt Disney World, so if you want to bring your grandkids to visit you, you can use a theme park as the carrot.