The Top 7 digital marketing trends 2019

Digital marketing has become a huge and strong ecosystem during past decades. The processes development and new roles appearing, changing and vanishing are so crazy. And, like in a wildlife, you should adapt to it, otherwise you will die out. The comparison may be too emotional, but the main idea is similar.

We have prepared some grabbing facts that will help you to stay afloat and, may be, to out-execute the competition.

Stay authentic, stay true

The point is especially important for millennials who more believe in humans than in brand itself. Have a look at GoPro, they didn’t waste their time on lenses or other stuff selling, but encouraged to feel emotions from high skydiving and made a mash on the audience, and some money in addition.

Tune it to voice search

We are always hurrying or doing 2-3 tasks at once. And while an office worker is typing message to his boss, he may have his phone in the left hand and give a voice command where to order a table to dine with his beloved wife. Well, we have a bad news if you are not prepared for it…

The biggest difficulty here is that voice search result generally retrieves just 2-3 results, sometimes even 1 at all and it is really a herculean task to be in the list. But the winnings are very high.

Artificial Intelligence is coming

You might have not noticed it, but when you are texting in a chat with a bank manager, it is very likely that it is not a human being, but a chatbot. People like them, as they are always attentive, polite and always remember your choices.


People are very spontaneous in their decision what and when to buy and it is a good way out for marketers. The simplest examples of micro moments are: “I want to know” or “I want to buy” – main idea is that all of them are focused on giving necessary ideas to users when they need it. If you want to boost your revenue try advertising brokers. Such ad agency helps to promote your online business with the best results

Augmented and Virtual Realities are the kings

Both of these technologies help to feel users engaged and be active in communication with brand. One of brilliant cases we may observe here is IKEA’s option to try different things using Virtual Reality, before a customer will make decision to buy it.

Social networks are on the rise

It is not enough anymore to be present on one channel only. There is also a subtle aspect that your audience on Facebook is absolutely different to people from Instagram. And marketers should think about strategies for each channel individually.

Visual search

Those who get puzzled with voice implementation may see it is not the only challenge they will take. The essence of this technique is in searching the things you need by photos. Good news is that you have some time to think about it or check how Google copes with it as artificial intelligence is not smart enough yet to process the information in the same way as human brains do.

Of course, you might have mentioned some other trends, it may be something specific for your niche. But if you catch common trends, it will be easier to implement all narrow ones.

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