The cruise industry: How does it work?

cruise industryOverview of the Cruise Industry

Who does not want to travel in style, like a celebrity on a cruise ship? Since the mid-19th century, cruise ships have gained a lot of popularity due to their speed and comfort. No matter how other industries are performing, over the past 20 years, the cruise industry has gained 900% growth when it comes to the number of passengers! It is an industry that keeps on booming.

How does the cruise industry actually work? Over the years, this industry has known several changes and today, it is one of the pillars of the tourism sector providing a first class service to passengers who want to travel to different tropical destinations around the world. Travelling on a cruise ship these days means a posh and comfortable trip to some of the greatest destinations.

Job Creation

Every year, cruise ships attract millions of passengers, having thousands of operating locations. This indicates the industry’s incredible growth. Looking for a job? Along with amazing journeys around the world, this industry also provides different types of well-remunerated jobs on cruise ships. Make your choice from a long list of entertainment, food and beverage, deck, medical, childcare and housekeeping jobs while also enjoying great trips around the world.

Popular Cruise Ships

Thinking of cruise ships, you would certainly be reminded of the Olympic class ocean liner, the RMS Titanic. This huge ship was packed with 2224 passengers and crew, until unfortunately it collided with an iceberg in 1912. But since the cruise industry is constantly booming, almost every year new cruise ships are built, providing first class amenities and comforts. Plus, luxurious yachts are also built and who knows, you may also become the proud owner of one of these!

The cruise ships are also huge and spacious enough to transport millions of passengers. Some new cruise ships are Viking Sea, Carnival Vista or Ovation of the Seas. Want to visit unique destinations? With several ports of call around the world, these cruise ships offer great destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Islands and African cruises. On cruise ships, you can thus visit different parts of the globe while enjoying a luxurious stay on board. However, if you haven’t yet saved for a cruise trip, you can still have the best adventures. Where? Simply at the best online bingo site, Booty Bingo. This top bingo site will take you to great adventures with games like Lost Island Slot and Chasin’ Treasure Slot.


Today, the cruise experience is enhanced with different types of amenities provided on the cruise ships. So, if you are planning for a cruise, you can expect luxurious amenities that are all included in your cruise package. Be treated royally without additional costs! Some of the facilities you can enjoy are: staterooms, fine dining, casinos, ballrooms, swimming pools, bars and many more. Even though the level of comfort provided on a cruise ship is difficult to match with the average citizen, the number of cruise passengers keeps on growing every year.

Constant Growth

The global cruise industry is booming so far and is expected to grow even more in 2018. In 2017, around 25.8 million passengers cruised compared to 24.7 million passengers in 2016, which is a 20.5% increase. New ocean, river and specialty ships are set to launch in 2018. So, with such a booming cruise industry, you can enjoy luxurious and posh trips around the world while making the most of the amenities provided. The cruise industry today is indeed a successful business that constantly grows.


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