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Terry McAuliffe lays out stakes for November election in new digital ad

Ahead of this weekend’s GOP convention, the Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign released a new digital ad highlighting the contrast between his vision to create a more equitable post-COVID Virginia and the extreme right-wing Republican candidates vying for the GOP nomination.

McAuliffe, who defeated noted extreme anti-immigrant, climate change-denying Republican Ken Cuccinelli in 2013, vowed to defeat Republican extremism again.

“You look at the Republicans who they’ll nominate in two days, they are fawning all over Donald Trump,” McAuliffe said. “They are trying to bring their Trump politics here to Virginia. We can’t allow it. We’ve got to stop them. Because I’ve dealt with them — the most anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-environment, pro-gun legislation in the United States of America. That’s what I stopped with 120 vetoes. Now with a Democratic legislature, we can take Virginia to the next level. That’s why I’ve built this big coalition.”

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augusta free press news