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House Republicans release state budget blueprint

The Virginia House of Delegates Committee on Appropriations proposed a two-year state budget Sunday that includes no tax or fee increases.

Creigh Deeds: Absolutely not

The 2016 Session of the General Assembly has crossed the midpoint. I voted no on a couple of tough votes, but “no” doesn’t always mean “absolutely not.”

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Senate committee advances House bill blocking Clean Power Plan

A Senate committee voted to advance HB 2, which would require that the General Assembly sign off on Virginia’s plan to comply with Clean Power Plan requirements.

State Senate committee advances Tebow Bill

The Senate Education and Health Committee on Thursday reported Abemarle Republican Del. Rob Bell’s Tebow Bill.

Senate committee backs Return to Learn, physical activity requirements

A Senate committee backed a measure geared towards supporting students who have suffered health setbacks and another to increase physical activity in schools.

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Ken Plum: Classrooms to courtrooms

A report of the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) released last year included some eye-opening findings for Virginia.

virginia general assembly

State Senate passes right to work amendment

The Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate have now both passed legislation to enshrine Virginia’s right to work law in the Constitution.

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Virtual education legislation passes in Virginia House of Delegates

The Virginia House of Delegates has passed legislation to establish a statewide virtual school to provide full-time virtual school programs here in Virginia.

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House Democrats offer up midterm report card for House Republicans

Wednesday, the day after crossover and the mid-point in the 2016 General Assembly session, House Democrats released their Midterm Report Card.

virginia general assembly

House Republicans highlight successful and productive start to 2016 General Assembly session

House Republican leaders highlighted the House’s legislative accomplishments at a press conference Wednesday.

Civil forfeiture bill dies in State Senate

A Senate floor effort to keep alive a bill to prohibit the civil seizure of assets when the defendant had been acquitted of the underlying crime failed on Monday.


Right to work amendment on Virgina ballot in November

The Virginia Senate passed HB4 and HJ2 on party-line votes to incorporate a version of Virginia’s existing right to work law into the state constitution.

virginia general assembly

Research and development tax credit bill passes Senate

This morning, SB58 – a research and development tax credit bill co-chief patroned by Senator Janet Howell (D-Fairfax) – passed unanimously through the Senate.


Bill would create tax credit for farmers who donate to food banks

Farmers are watching a bill in the Virginia General Assembly that stands to benefit not only them but also Virginians statewide who are in need of food.

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Farmers back bill that clarifies landowner rights in eminent domain cases

The state’s largest farmers’ advocacy organization is backing a bill ithat spells out landowner rights when property is damaged in activities related to eminent domain.


Religious refusal bill passes Virginia Senate

The Senate approved a measure entitling religious organizations and affiliated businesses to refuse to provide services or goods based on religious beliefs.

Creigh Deeds: Almost to crossover

Crossover for the 2016 Session of the Virginia General Assembly is at hand.

House passes constitutional amendment on public charter schools

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a constitutional amendment on Friday that will lead to the creation of more public charter schools in Virginia.

virginia general assembly

House subcommittee passes ban on abortion after 20 weeks

The House of Delegates Courts of Justice – Constitutional Law Subcommittee passed a bill Wednesday that would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks with very little exceptions.

virginia general assembly

Senate committee fails to certify Supreme Court justice: Politics?

Wednesday afternoon, the GOP-controlled Senate Courts of Justice Committee refused to consider certifying Virginia Supreme Court Justice Jane Marum Roush.