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Bill allowing discrimination against LGBT passes Senate committee

The Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology voted Monday to advance a bill that would effectively sanction a form of LGBT discrimination.

House subcommittee passes birth control measure

A House subcommittee passed in a bipartisan vote a bill to define “birth control” as contraceptive methods approved by the FDA.

Bill banning party loyalty oaths in primaries passes Senate

Fairfax State Senator Chap Petersen’s bill to ban loyalty oaths in state-run primaries passed the Senate today in a bipartisan 34-5 vote.

Creigh Deeds: Another week down

We are rapidly approaching the midpoint of the 2016 General Assembly Session. In legislative lingo, the midpoint is called the crossover.

Mama Summit pushes clean air, climate action

Virginia grandparents, moms, dads, and kids traveled to the General Assembly Building to demand climate action from state lawmakers at the Mama Summit.

Democrats critical of House Republican Right to Work push

The House of Delegates passed a constitutional amendment providing for a November referendum on placing right to work language in the Virginia Constitution.

Senate votes to block Clean Power Plan

The Senate passed SB 21, which would require that the General Assembly sign off on Virginia’s plan to comply with Clean Power Plan requirements.

House Democrats throw shade at GOP jobs plan

Virginia House Republicans introduced their plan to create jobs in Virginia in 2016. House Democrats see some flaws in their plan.

Senate panel advances charter school amendment

A Senate committee advanced an effort that would allow the state Board of Education to unilaterally create charter schools anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Democrats, AFL-CIO critical of Right to Work push

Senate Republicans pushed through a proposed amendment that seeks to insert Virginia’s existing Right to Work law into the state constitution.

Senate committee backs Clean Power Plan block

The Senate Finance Committee approved a bill that would delay or obstruct implementation of the Clean Power Plan in Virginia.

Senate passes electoral fairness bills

The Virginia Senate passed a number of bills that would better protect voters’ ability to cast meaningful ballots in fair, competitive elections.

Nondiscrimination bills clear State Senate

Bills regarding nondiscrimination in public employment and discriminatory housing practices passed the State Senate on Friday.

Virginia General Assembly passes gun safety deal

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced a historic, bipartisan deal that will keep guns away from domestic abusers and people who cannot pass background checks.

House subcommittee continues attack on women’s reproductive health choices

Two bills that would have made access to reproductive health choices for women more accessible and affordable were blocked by a House subcommittee.

House Republicans double down against paid family, medical leave

Laws providing paid family and medical leave allow workers to meet these needs without jeopardizing their economic security.

ralph northam

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam on gun violence legislation

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam released the following statement on the recently announced bipartisan legislation to reduce gun violence.

Tebow Bill clears State Senate committee

The latest effort at a Tebow Bill, this one introduced by State Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Buckingham, SB612, reported out of a Senate committee on Thursday.

steve landes

Del. Steve Landes highlights dollar-saving budget amendments

Del. Steve Landes, R-Weyers Cave, highlighted his cost saving budget amendments for the 2016 General Assembly Session.

House Democrats critical of GOP on efforts to derail Clean Power Plan

The House passed a bill requiring the General Assembly to give final approval to the plan developed by the state DEQ to comply with the Clean Power Plan.

Groups building support for COPN healthcare reforms

Healthcare stakeholders are joining together to urge the Virginia General Assembly to enhance and protect Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need program.

House Republicans block minimum wage, paid sick leave bills

The House Commerce and Labor Subcommittee #1 effectively killed four bills that would have raised the minimum wage in Virginia.

Virginia Senate passes Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment cleared the floor of the Virginia Senate for the fifth time in six years.

Mark Vucci appointed acting director at Division of Legislative Services

The Joint House and Senate Committee on Rules appointed Senior Attorney Mark J. Vucci as the Acting Director of the Division of Legislative Services on Monday.

ken plum

Ken Plum: General Assembly session underway

After the usual business of organizing for a new legislative session, the General Assembly got underway without major incident.

mark obenshain

Mark Obenshain: General Assembly update

Last Wednesday, on the coldest day in Richmond of the very New Year, the General Assembly began its 2016 session.

Virginia Democratic Party

House Democrats release Terrible Bill Watch List

House Democrats are highlighting some of the bills that are the most troubling introduced in the 2016 session.

Creigh Deeds: Still talking judges? We can do better

I have once again sponsored a bill to create a merit based selection process for judges. The bill has not yet been heard.

Senate committee advances bill to block Clean Power Plan compliance

A Senate committee voted Thursday to report a bill that would require the General Assembly to approve any plan to comply with the Clean Power Plan.

Hospitals voice support for COPN reforms, additional healthcare funding

Healthcare stakeholders assembled for a daylong series of events as part of Virginia Hospital Lobby Day.

sam rasoul

Del. Sam Rasoul joins Transparency Caucus, urges open government

Del. Sam Rasoul helped found the Transparency Caucus, which is dedicated to making the General Assembly and its proceedings more accessible to the public.

eileen filler corn

Del. Filler-Corn unveils 2016 legislative agenda

Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn introduced a series of bills in furtherance of her work in education, victims’ rights, health care, public safety and prudent fiscal growth.

Republican legislators lead calls to reform Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need Laws

Republican members of the Virginia General Assembly are calling for reforms to Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need Laws.

Petersen bill seeks to eliminate loyalty oath in party primaries

Sen. Chap Petersen has filed legislation that will ban parties from requiring voters to sign a loyalty oath to vote in the 2016 presidential primary.

Senate committee rejects bills to ban contributions during special, veto sessions

A Senate committee voted on Tuesday to kill bills that sought to limit politicians’ ability to fundraise while the General Assembly is actively conducting public business.

Republicans vote against making voting easier

Republicans on a House subcommittee killed four bills that would make the process of voting easier and more accessible for already-eligible voters.

House Republicans lead efforts to pass legislation reforming structured settlement sales

Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates are leading the effort to pass legislation reforming Virginia’s laws governing structured settlement sales.

steve landes

Del. Steve Landes highlights 2016 legislative priorities

Del. R. Steven Landes, R-Weyers Cave, today announced his legislative priorities, with a focus on economic development, education and health care.

LGBT advocates fight back on equal rights

Virginia’s leading advocates for LGBT rights denounced an all-out attack on the rights of that community in nine bills currently before the legislature.

ken plum

Ken Plum: Clearing an obstacle to gun violence prevention in Virginia

Virginia has the distinction of having had the biggest mass murder in history, Virginia Tech in 2007, and the first televised shooting, Smith Mountain Lake in 2015.

Creigh Deeds: Back in Richmond

The 2016 regular session of the Virginia General Assembly is off and running. The long sessions are held in even years and are significant because we will be adopting a new two-year budget.

House passes emergency fix to protect small businesse from ACA changes

The Virginia House of Delegates passed emergency legislation Friday to protect small businesses from an insurance change originally mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

First silly comment of the 2016 General Assembly session: Floor is yours, Rick Morris

Any thought that the Virginia General Assembly may operate in something resembling détente is out the window, courtesy a culturally clueless guy named Rick Morris.