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Online entertainment during a pandemic for children with disabilities

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While casinos and related games have long held a negative connotation in society, many adults might be surprised to learn the games can be pretty educational. Children with disabilities, in particular, can learn many valuable skills from these games. Casino games like poker can be played in person with friends, but there are many places online where you can play for free.

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Nina Olsendburg has been writing about the casino industry for years. She brings a wealth of experience to her articles.

Poker for children: What are the benefits?

Poker is an age-old game most people have heard of, even if they don’t exactly know all the rules. We’ll look at why poker can be great online entertainment for children while also teaching valuable lessons they need to know. Poker is more than just a “gambling game”; it involves real skill.


While playing poker, children will need to use basic math, such as adding and subtracting. Kids will learn about the value of money through the chips and actively think about numbers as they play the game.

This can translate into real-life money management skills as well. As kids get older, they will likely start to receive an allowance or money through gifts. They will be more likely to spend money properly, and this will also continue into adulthood.


Memory is another vital skill in poker. While the game is relatively simple overall, kids need to remember the different combinations of cards, the rules, and even what happened previously in the game. Children with disabilities may have impairments in this area, so this can be a good exercise to work on these areas.

As they continue to play the game, their memory is sure to improve. This will help immensely when it comes to learning in school, studying and remembering information for tests.

Social interaction and friendship

Poker for children can be a great way to socialize more with other kids their age. With the pandemic, this is a bit trickier now; however, it’s essential to keep in mind when things get better. Children with disabilities may sometimes feel more isolated or may have more difficulty making friends than neurotypical kids.

Some children, such as those on the autism spectrum, can have trouble reading non-verbal cues or body language. Anyone familiar with poker knows that reading others and knowing when they are bluffing is a vital skill to have. By playing the game repeatedly, these kids can get better at recognizing body language, which will help in real life. Best of all, they might just build some lasting friendships.

Learning about risk and reward

Taking risks is a part of life. It’s important to take calculated risks and know when to avoid them as well. While adults have a much better idea about risk and reward, this is something kids need to learn.

One example during the game, should you fold or raise your chips higher? It depends on how you read the current situation, but it’s always a risk. Poker provides a safe environment where kids can take risks and learn from them.


Many popular casino games can be played just for fun, with no gambling associated with them. Due to the social aspect, poker could be one of the most constructive of all. Poker is also a bit more complex and involved, contributing to learning many more valuable skills. We’ve seen above how this game can contribute to some important skills in children with disabilities and neurotypical children. It’ll be possible to learn life long lessons which can be put to good use.

Story by Nina Olsendburg

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