Nvidia restores cryptocurrency restrictions

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Nvidia has finally restored its update for RTX 3060, and this is not the first time that Nvidia has tried to weaken the performance of the RTX 3060. If you remember well, the value of cryptocurrencies went up in 2017, and this caused an increase in demand for graphic cards. The latter is an essential part of cryptocurrency mining (such as Ethereum and except for Bitcoin). They help in solving math problems, which, once solved, creates a cryptocurrency.

However, on the other hand, the demand for graphic cards left the companies with more profits. And on the other side, it angered gamers. Remember that graphic cards are also an extremely vital component for playing different types of games, including poker online za darmo po polsku . In fact, if you want an immersive, smooth, and seamless gaming experience, then graphic cards are the way to go.

Then once again, the demand has been soaring up in the first few months, which has increased the graphic card prices. At the same time, Nvidia introduced new drivers, which were to be used deliberately to limit the hash rate of Ethereum mining capacity by about 50 percent in February. Their main aim for doing this was the hope that miners would leave the graphic cards alone and that they will be left only for the gaming market.

However, things seemed not to have gone as they have planned, as the mining restrictions seemed to have been executed into the software. Instead of their initial plan, the company accidentally released a new driver in March that included a code, which could remove the mining capacity rate limiter on the RTX 3060 in some of its configurations.

The company went on ahead to confirm that the released driver was a mistake. Unfortunately, it was too late since the driver was already out in the market. This meant that the owners of the RTX 3060 could go on to download it if they wanted to avoid the restrictions.

After the incident, Nvidia designed GeForce GPUs specifically for gamers, according to Matt Wuebbling in a blog post. On top of this, the company is looking forward to launching a new product, the Nvidia Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (Nvidia CMP). This is a GPU, made particularly for cryptocurrency mining.

However, note that the new GeForce 466.27 driver comes back with the limits that were originally set in place. This will be required for all future RTX 3060 graphic cards from May. What’s more, the company may need to add other harsh restrictions to other cards in the future.

Nvidia restores cryptocurrency restrictions, as it had previously done before they released the wrong drivers. Luckily, thanks to the confusion, gamers and miners can finally have their fair share of the GPUs. Additionally, the company is working on another version of Lite Hash Rate (LHR) GPUs on the other RTX 30-series cards, such as the 3070 and 3080 versions. These updates are simply meant to put off cryptocurrency miners from grabbing up the inadequate stock before the gamers can get to them.

Story by Ana Corker

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