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Gay marriage debate hits close to home


The hub-bub over Chick-fil-A was ultimately not about chicken, of course. It was about how our nation is struggling amongst its members as we all come to terms with what it means to be gay and lesbian.

A slim majority of us support legalizing gay marriage, and that majority is only going to get bigger as more and more of us who have reasons to oppose legalized gay marriage realize that it really isn’t pro-family to stand in the way of families being able to come together.

And then there’s this story, right here in our own backyard, involving Kenneth L. Miller, a 46-year-old Amish Mennonite minister accused of aiding and abetting a woman who was involved in a custody battle with her former civil-union partner.

The case involving Miller is going to trial in Vermont this week. If convicted on the charges that he aided Lisa Miller, no relation, in her efforts to keep her daughter, Isabella, now 10, from court-ordered visitation with her other mother, Janet Jenkins, Kenneth Miller could face three yaers in prison.

Kenneth Miller is the leader of a Beachy Amish Mennonite Church in Stuarts Draft. The Beachy sect believes that same-sex marriage is a sin, and according to prosecutors Miller assisted Lisa Miller in her efforts to avoid Vermont court orders that she allow visitation to Jenkins by helping her leave the country in 2009.

According to published reports, Lisa and Isabella have still not been located and are likely living among missionaries in Nicaragua.

Whatever is decided regarding Kenneth Miller’s guilt or innocence, the basic facts are these: a daughter has been separated from one of her parents and is living with her other parent on the run, all in the name of preserving traditional family units.

If it’s possible, we’ve reached a point in this gay-marriage debate that is even crazier than the nonsense about Chick-fil-A.

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