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Latest Italian visa guide: Visa types for Italy, a Schengen country

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Italy is a Schengen country, meaning that it is one of the 26 European countries that allow people to move freely without visas. It issues Schengen visas which allow visitors to Italy to also travel freely to Schengen countries outside Italy without needing another visa. The visitors can stay in any Schengen country for up to 90 days within any period of 180 consecutive days as long as the visa is still valid.

Citizens and residents of countries in the Schengen Area are exempt from Italian visa requirements and only need to present their identification in order to enter Italy. Citizens of Canada, the United States, some non-Schengen first-world nations, and some third-world countries are also exempt from visa requirements, because they signed visa-liberalization agreements with Schengen countries.

The latest types of visas issued by Italy

Italy issues different types of Schengen visas depending on the purpose of the intended visit and the length of intended stay.

Italy Airport Transit Visa

People from non-Schengen countries who intend to fly to a non-Schengen destination country, and need to land at an Italian airport to switch flights, require an Italy Airport Transit Visa.

Italy Business Visa

People who plan to visit Italy for business purposes such as visiting a business or a company for meetings, to recruit, to train, to make business deals, etc. must apply for an Italy Business Visa.

Italy Medical Visa

Any person who intends to visit Italy for medical treatment of an illness, will be allowed in if he/she holds an Italy Medical Visa.

Italy Study Visa

People who plan to attend internships, study courses, or trainings in Italy for up to 90 days, should apply for an Italy Study Visa.

Italy Tourist Visa

People from non-Schengen countries, who intend to visit Italy for vacation, sightseeing, recreation, or to experience the country and its culture, have to apply for an Italy Tourist Visa if their countries do not have a visa-liberalization agreement with Italy.

Italy Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes

People who plan to visit Italy to shoot a movie or to be involved in sports, culture and religious activities must hold the Italy Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes.

Italy Visa for Official Visit

Members of an official delegation who have official invitations from Italy to participate in negotiations, meetings, consultations, exchange programs, or specific events held in Italy, are required to hold the Italy Visa for Official Visit.

Italy Visa for the Spouse of an Italian Citizen

People married to Italian citizens, who plan to travel to Italy, will be required to hold an Italy Visa for the Spouse of an Italian Citizen.

Italy Visitor Visa

A person who has been invited by a friend or family member who resides in Italy is required to have an Italy Visitor visa. He/she can then remain in Italy for up to 90 days within any 6-month period.


All travelers who need visas must hold valid passports or travel documents. However, there are specific document requirements for each type of visa. For details contact the nearest Italian Embassy or Italian Consulate or a 3rd party service provider such as Favisbook.

Applying for your Italian Schengen Visa from the US:

Generally, if you’re able to visit New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, the process is quite easy. Here are some speedy options if you require an Italian visa appointment:

Final scoop

Remember that although US passport holders can enter Italy without a visa, Americans require Italian visas for many other reasons, for example an extended stay, studying there etc.

There are also those who live in the US but who are not US passport holders, who may need an Italian visa.

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