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How not to get bored while on a hunting trip

hunting tripHunting trips are meant to be a relief, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life and its schedules. To some people, hunting as a sport or an activity might appear excessive, and cruel, but it is known that in moderation, hunting is actually sometimes useful for the regeneration and restoration of equilibrium in wildlife. While many absolutely love to go hunting, many are just starting anew, and it would be easy for hunters to get a little restless and bored during the waiting period. So here are a few tips to shake off boredom while on a hunting trip.


These days, nearly everyone has a fully equipped smartphone on which one can listen to music, watch videos and play games. If the battery power of your phone is good, you can always use it for these purposes, but in limitation, because you’ll probably need to save a bit of battery for later. A more old-fashioned but reliable form of entertainment is a paperback novel. Reading, especially in nature, is relaxing, and will not distract you from the hunt.

Observation and inventory

While waiting for the target animal or bird to appear in your line of sight, it is fun as well as useful to look around, listen, and observe other kinds of wildlife and flora in the area. Sometimes there is a pattern in other animals’ or birds’ movements or sounds, which helps in understanding and perhaps even predicting when the target might appear. Keeping written notes with freehand illustrations and comments is a neat, clever and fun activity to do when waiting.

Broadening the spectrum

One size does not fit all, but sometimes you can look at the possibility of hunting other game while waiting for your primary target. At the very least, you may get to see a glimpse of other animals and birds, while trying to understand how to hunt them. This will make you prepared for hunting a lot of different wildlife. You might track another animal or bird while waiting for a deer, as a general example. However, be aware of hunting regulations and restrictions wherever you go for hunting. Hunting certain animals is prohibited in some areas, such as the recent ban proposal about coyote hunting in Wisconsin.

Keep your team members interested

If your team is along, keeping your team members from getting bored is the toughest challenge, especially if the members are first time hunters. Make sure it’s like a game for them, while teaching them the important safety regulations just as seriously. Get them their own camouflage clothing and gear to make them feel more involved.

Relax your mind

Nature’s sounds are never jarring; it is easy to close one’s eyes and settle down into a light meditative mode. This also awakens your sense of smell and hearing, both of which are critically important for a hunter.

There is a lot to see and to experience when surrounded by nature, and a hunting trip is as good as any other outing, to feel close to nature and enjoy some peace.

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