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Home intercom system: Why you need to buy one?

With the emergence of the internet and smartphones, one would think that traditional communication systems are dead. Nowadays, homes with landlines are a rarity. Many prefer video calls or texting or direct messaging in social media.

Technology has drastically changed the way we communicate. But even with the ubiquity of these gadgets, old communication systems are still highly reliable.

Who said home intercom systems are passé?

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Intercom systems were first introduced in the 1950’s. From then on, it has become a mainstay in both residential and commercial buildings, especially the large ones. This communication system enabled users within a building to speak to people in other rooms by simply pressing the button. The first intercom models used vacuum tubes.

In 1960’s, real estate ads began listing intercom as a house feature, alongside other luxuries such as cable system, HVAC system, pool, and others. The next-generation intercoms began using hard-wired system. This technology offered multi-station functions, plus extra AM/FM radio capabilities.

Although the intercom has lost its glamour with the coming of new technologies like telephones, computers, and mobile gadgets, it hasn’t gone passé. Home intercom system is continuously evolving alongside new advances in technology.

Nowadays, intercom systems use wireless technology and offer numerous capabilities and features. Aside from the standard audio communication, there are intercoms that enable video conferencing. This updated list of 10 best wireless home intercom systems feature a wide range of models that homeowners can choose from. They range from the basic functions to those that are smart-enabled and can be accessed remotely.

Why invest in home intercom?

Despite the major changes in house intercom technology, it still serves its very purpose, that is, to facilitate communication within your home. With intercom, you don’t have to pick up the telephone or smart phone. You simply press a button to talk to a family member in another part of the house. You can inform them if a guest is around, the table is ready, or an errand needs to be done.

But more than its basic purpose of communication, investing in a personal intercom system can have other benefits.

Beef up your home security

Home intercom serves as extra security system. If someone comes to your door, you can first ask the person to identify himself/herself before you open up your door. If you spot an intruder around your home, you can discreetly alert other people in various rooms.

Provide medical alert system

Intercoms could also spell difference between life and death as this can be used as medical alerts systems. This is particularly useful if your household includes children, elderly or sick family members. You can easily and regularly check on them using the intercom system.

Allow private calls among household members

Modern wireless intercom systems offer private call feature. You can call the specific rooms you want to call without leaving a trace. So, if you want to talk about some confidential things but don’t want other household members to see you actually talking or hear your conversation, then you can use intercoms. Digital intercom systems use codes and security features that are impossible to breach.

Facilitate good family dynamics

Many of today’s wireless intercom systems allow you to talk with other member of the house. You don’t have to get up or leave your room to be able to talk with each other. Intercom systems enable family meeting through group calls. This is particularly useful in a household taking care of an elderly. With intercom, elder members can stay in their bed while they join in family conversations. Open communication among household members is essential to happy family life.

What are some of its cons?

Like any other home technologies, intercom systems are not free of negative aspects. Perhaps its major disadvantage is that wireless home intercom systems can be quite expensive. Basically, you need to shell out a few hundred dollars to get quality and reliable house intercom. You also have to check about the maintenance and up-keep of the unit as they will also entail extra fees.

Although this home feature has some cons, its benefits far outweigh the negative aspects which make it a worthwhile investment.

Final Thought

As with any other investments, some homeowners may be wary about investing in intercom systems. If you are among those who think that buying an intercom system for your house is just a waste of money, it’s time to re-think. The intercom system serves a lot of functions that could greatly benefit your home.

But before you finally buy one, make sure you spend time looking around for the best unit and model that will fit your household’s needs. There are numerous models available out there. You just have to pick the one that will serve your needs.

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