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Donald McEachin statement on impeachment inquiry resolution

Donald McEachinCongressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) released the following statement on his support for H.Res. 660, the impeachment resolution introduced by Rules Committee Chairman James P. McGovern (MA-02). Congressman McEachin is currently recovering from a non-life-threatening surgery with an anticipated return to Congress in the next few weeks.

“This is a sad and somber day for our country,” said Congressman McEachin. “Today’s vote is a necessary step to move forward in the ongoing impeachment inquiry and I strongly support all efforts to clarify and outline the process for our constituents. Our constituents deserve to hear the many ways the president has betrayed our country and put our national security at risk for his own gain. With this vote, we are ensuring transparency, effective public hearings, and due process protections for the president or his counsel.

While I deeply regret we have come to this, I stand with my colleagues in support of today’s resolution. We must hold the president accountable for his misconduct – it is our Constitutional obligation. No one is above the law.”

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