Tom Perriello | Fifth District Report

I’m pleased to report that last week, Congress took swift, bipartisan, and decisive action to protect taxpayers. After it came to light that insurance companies who had taken billions in bailout funds had paid or intended to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in “retention” bonuses to the very executives who got us into this […]

Hall to retire from General Assembly

A Richmond legislator and former chair of the House Democratic Caucus announced on Friday his intentions to retire from Virginia politics.

Kaine announces vetoes of justice legislation pieces

No triggerman rule, no concealed weapons in restaurants, no expansion of Virginia’s one-handgun-a-month rule – not on Gov. Tim Kaine’s watch.

Jill Hanken | Will Congress take up a health-care solution?

As we recognize “Cover the Uninsured Week,” we can note the ever-increasing number of Americans who don’t have health insurance as well as those who can’t afford the spiraling costs of health insurance premiums and required out-of-pocket expenses. The average health insurance premiums for family coverage have skyrocketed 90 percent since 2000, leaving millions of […]

David Cox | Help the sun shine in

Two questions: 1. Where did you get your most recent information on the last City Council or County Supervisors’ meeting you heard about? a. TV b. Internet c. Rumor d. Newspaper

Steve the Magic Guy in the Children’s Hour

The Wayne Theatre Alliance presents magician Steve the Magic Guy at this month’s Children’s Hour. The 6 p.m. show will be held at Blue Ridge Christian Fellowship at 329 W. Main St. in Downtown Waynesboro. Steve Pittella (aka Steve The Magic Guy) is a jolly vision of moving color as he performs non-stop, every moment […]

Dave Lanford | Optimism

Hello, dear friends, from the Iris Inn Bed & Breakfast. I recently read an article on a blog written by my good friend Peter Scherman of the The B&B Team. It was excellent and inspiring AND all about optimism. As Peter said, it’s been a long cold winter, not because the weather has been that […]

David Reynolds | Littlepage?

Today the University of Virginia in a surprise announcement introduced its new men’s basketball coach. Not content to wait until the NCAA tournament concludes, Athletic Director Craig Littlepage told a startled press gathering that HE will be the new coach succeeding Dave Leitao, who he fired, or rather “asked to resign” last week. Mr. Littlepage […]

Friday, March 27-Sunday, March 29

– Local News: Traffic delays on I-64 in Albemarle this weekend, Saturday, 4 p.m. – State News: Prosecutors drop charges against McCain T-shirt scofflaw, Saturday, 4 p.m. – Local News: Community Bank begins food drive, Saturday, 4 p.m. – Local News: VDOT road work schedule, Saturday, 4 p.m. – Local News: Staunton Police warn of […]

Another joint appearance? And more on Tribbettgate, and Deeds

Are they throwing us a bone? That was my first thought when I got the news today about the almost joint appearance of the three candidates for the Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination at this weekend’s Virginia Young Democrats convention in Charlottesville. At least we get a shot at having the three together, sort of, in […]

Multimedia | Move Over, Virginia

The Virginia State Police and the Virginia Trucking Association are partnering in an effort to make drivers in the Commonwealth more aware of the state’s Move Over law requiring motorists to slow down and move over when possible when encountering law enforcement and emergency-services personnel pulled over on roadsides. AFP editor Chris Graham reports on […]

Valley to honor USS Indianapolis crew

They delivered the first atomic bomb, and it seemed like their work was done. World War II was winding down. But a Japanese sub sank their USS Indianapolis in the shark-infested waters between Guam and Leyte. Nearly 900 members of the Indianapolis crew lost their lives, but the story isn’t only a tragedy. Over 300 […]

Thursday, March 26, 2009

– Economy: Gas prices back over $2 mark nationally, Thursday, 5:20 p.m. – Local News: Waynesboro man charged with witness intimidation, Thursday, 5:15 p.m. – Congress: Warner wins support for performance measures in budget battle, Thursday, 5:15 p.m. – Event: Spring Fling at Ladd Elementary, Thursday, 9:45 a.m. – Economy: Initial unemployment claims up again, […]

New Dominion story featured in campaign ad

A fun note in the e-mail box today – about how The New Dominion Magazine is featured in a new web ad for the Jon Bowerbank lieutenant-governor campaign. The ad refers to a story in the February New Dominion Magazine on the Bowerbank campaign with a voiceover of a quote from the article referencing Bowerbank’s […]


Court Square Theater in downtown Harrisonburg presents ComedyFest!, two nights of music, comedy, and improv featuring Glick & Phillips, Nickels & Weiner, and Mental Flossing on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Advance tickets are $20, and will be $3 more at the door. Proceeds from this annual fundraiser benefit Court Square Theater.

The faces in the logo

The logo for the SAW2010 gang-prevention effort has a teen who is facing pressures that might have him thinking about joining a gang surrounded by adults who can talk him into making the right choices for himself and his life. A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words. “The idea is to try to […]

The state of the Valley

Per-capita incomes are a little less than 80 percent of the state average. We’re older, more of us lack health insurance, most of us are overweight or obese, and a higher-than-acceptable proportion of us lack a high-school education. And yet for the most part, we’re doing OK.

Debatable whether we should care or not

Good news for Democrats in the Valley who like to drive – you’ll have eight chances to get in the car for a couple of hours there and a couple of hours back to see Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran together in person. “We are pleased to announce this debate and joint appearance […]

Ballot petitions and GOP moneymen

The news on the 2009 elections this week was supposed to be related to the first ballot-access petitions to be filed, and there is news there, with three candidates on the Democratic side filing their petitions with the State Board of Elections on Tuesday, the first day they could be filed. But it was something […]

Local Rotarians describe scene at Homestead

Len Poulin didn’t know anything was going on until a fellow Rotarian at The Homestead this past weekend for a district Rotary conference asked for a dessert left over at his table. “He wanted to know if he could have it to give to his daughter because there had just been a shooting in the […]