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Why invest in Dubai real estate properties?

businessThe property market in Dubai keeps on thriving as it is seeing rapid growth in recent times and it won’t be slowing down too soon either. The growth in the real estate market is attributed to the sales of apartments, townhouses and villas primarily. If you are not convinced why you should be investing in the real estate market in Dubai yet, here are a few compelling reasons for you to consider.

1. No Taxes On Purchase Or Annually

The UAE government hasn’t imposed any taxes on the companies as well as the individuals who reside in the UAE. The same stands true for property tax and the annual taxes you have to pay against your home too. So, as soon as you have bought the new home and all necessary fees is paid, there won’t be any taxes you have to pay anymore on your newly purchased home. All you will be subjected to is a housing fee and the waste collection tax. When you look at the bigger picture, such smaller payments won’t matter much and they’ll be less compared to property taxes you have to pay annually in other parts of the world. So, you should definitely invest in Dubai Real Estate properties.

2. Endless Possibilities

The property market in Dubai provides you with lots of choices when it comes to buying a property that is exactly what you want. If you talk about villas, for instance, the options range from the most high-end accommodations to those simple budget-friendly houses. You can invest in anything from townhouses to 5-bedroom villas completed with their own contemporary Spanish feel. Furthermore, there are lots of amazing amenities that you can be able to enjoy in and around the community such as sporting facilities, play areas, etc. There are lots of options to consider and it’s eventually the matter of your preference as to which of them you’d like to go with.

3. Dubai Brings All The Innovation In The World

As far as improvement and innovation is concerned, Dubai is known to be a place that is producing some of the most amazing projects constantly like Ain Dubai in the Bluewater Residences and the Dubai Creek Tower in Dubai Creek Harbor. So, it’s really going to benefit you big time if you invest in this part of the world. An investment in Dubai’s real estate would mean that you’d be making huge profits as the city actively attracts large number of tourists year after year. With attractions like world’s tallest building as well as the biggest mall of the world, Dubai really offers some architectural wonders to the tourists to explore. And, that certainly has a direct impact on the property market and its growth.

4. Unremitting Economic Growth

One major factor that should be taken into consideration while making investments is the region’s financial growth. Obviously, you aren’t investing in the property only and rather in the city and every attraction it has to offer. And when it comes to cities that actually thrive on their development, you can feel safe with your investments.

5. High ROI Ensured

Even though we have seen a drop recently in average rent prices in the city, you can still expect your investment property to give a higher return as compared to various other cities on the top tier like Sydney or London. There are still neighborhoods that can give around 9.2% rental yield on average. Now, that’s a whopping figure if you compare it with 3.91% of New York.

So, what are you waiting for then? It’s time that you put your money on the line and start making profits rather than losing it. Make a healthy investment in Dubai’s real estate today!

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