The ‘wave’ election results in Virginia in 2017 show there’s a good side to taking a risk

polling stationWhen we talk about odds, no one would have thought that the odds of the Democrats almost retaking the state legislature in Virginia were too high. It was an election that saw 15 seats gained on the Democratic side and 15 lost on the Republican. If not for the tie-breaking results made during a draw, the Democrats would have received an even 50-50 split in the state legislature. This came on top of their victory in the governorship which was deemed a close race but ended up with a Democrat winning with ease.

The Democrats proved that there are certain risks that are totally worth it. They started with people who had no experience running for public office before. They were angry with how the government was being run so they decided to run. In the end, they won. Just like playing a casino game where the odds and bonuses offered could increase the chances of winning but won’t guarantee anything. Nevertheless, you take the risk and hope for the best.

A wave election

In the election, the state saw a lot of firsts. Danica Roem became the first openly transgender elected to a state legislature. She unseated someone who was staunchly against LGBT rights. The house’s majority whip also lost the election to a 30-year old marine veteran who was also endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America. Two Latinas became the first ones to serve the house – Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, while Kathy Tran became the first Asian-American to win. Dawn Adam also became the first openly lesbian lawmaker to serve in the house.

If you listen to their stories, you will realize that they were not really planning to run before. However, they saw just how badly the government was being run. They also saw just how the local legislature acted like the state was so Trump-like when in fact, it is a moderate state.

Eventually, their hard work paid off. They surprisingly beat the odds. For some, the margins were unbelievable. Even Ralph Northam, the governor-elect, was elected on a 54-46 margin, way higher than some polls predicted.

Anything can happen when it comes to politics. The victory of Trump for the presidency stunned the world in the same way that the world was stunned by the reversal in last year’s Virginia election. In casino games, the same thing can happen. It always looks like anybody’s game. It is just a matter of taking the risk and making the most out of the opportunity presented to you.


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