Suparatana Bencharongkul: Getting closer to the next phase of Thai agriculture

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Thailand boasts of a diversified, specialized and highly successful agricultural sector. Its export of rice alone amounts to a significant chunk of its total gross domestic product. But this does not mean the sector does not face its own significant challenges.

A particularly concerning challenge is the fact that, compared to the rest of the world, Thailand seems to be lagging behind in its adoption of technological advancements towards improving its agricultural sector. While many see the need and necessity for the sector to begin making the switch to technology as fast as possible, for some reason major steps still weren’t being made towards this end.

An Unlikely Turn

It could be very well considered unlikely that one of the first major steps towards coming up with a tangible, sustainable, long-term solution to Thailand’s agricultural technological woes would be taken by a billionaire’s daughter.

And this billionaire’s daughter is none other than Suparatana Bencharongkul, who has since proven to be very well up to the task. Even though almost no one saw it coming.

Suparatana was raised in the home of Boonchai Bencharongkul, her loving father from whom she derived her great love and passion for agriculture.

A Socialite and Agriculturists

While it may have come as a surprise for many that Suparatana decided to champion the technological cause of Thailand’s agricultural advancement, it is certainly no surprise to none that she has a thriving social life of which she is very proud.

What might have been more surprising, and equally impressive, is the fact that she manages to keep both her social life and her causes active with both growing strong with no detriment to the others.

Of course, her work with agriculture takes precedence, and till today she strongly believes, as she was raised, that farmers have the most crucial and important job in the world.


As mentioned earlier, many believe that technology is the solution to taking the next step and arriving at the next phase of Thailand’s agricultural development, but only a few have taken the tangible steps necessary towards making the dream a reality.

Among these few classes is Suparatana Bencharongkul and the company, Rakbankerd, which she oversees. Through platforms and initiatives such as the Farmer Info Application, Sabuymarket, Allbio, Frammanyam, and so on, they have taken the first tangible steps towards creating a platform and thriving space for farmers to come together and enjoy the benefits that come with various technological advancements available for them today.

Suparatana and her group are also actively working towards new pioneering innovations that seek to tackle other problems facing agriculture in Thailand while helping hardworking farmers make a living and stay profitable.

Also a Philanthropist

Apart from her love for technology and her concerted effort towards significantly improving the standards of Agriculture in Thailand, Suparatana is also an avid philanthropist – a trait she also picked up from her dad.

Efficient utilization and allocation of resources are one of her strong tenets, and she ensures she extends this to all aspects of her endeavors, be it in her company or in her personal life.

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