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Poll: Gallup says we’re satisfied with ‘the way things are going’

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Gallup says we haven’t been 15 years since we’ve been as satisfied with “the way things are going in the U.S.” as we are now.

About “the way things are going” …

The president is replacing his director of national intelligence because of a briefing to Congress on ongoing efforts by Russia to influence the 2020 elections to help the president.


Which still has 1,600 nuclear missiles pointed at us.

We’re satisfied with this.

With “the way things are going.”

We’re satisfied with the president pardoning cronies he says were subject of political prosecutions as he threatens political rivals with, you guessed it, political prosecutions.

We’re satisfied with how the president has unleashed endless armies of trolls who aim to bully each other into submission with vile, hateful, misogynistic, racially-charged invective.

We’re satisfied with the rollbacks on environmental protections that 100 percent guarantee that our wide swaths of the planet will be virtually uninhabitable within a generation.

But, hey, the stock market!

That’s pretty much where this is at this point.

We’ve enabled a man whose main purpose for entering the public sphere was to monetize public office so that he could wiggle his way out of his next bankruptcy filing to sell our country to a vanquished rival, allowed him to irreparably divide us against ourselves, put the world on a path to certain end-times cataclysm, and we’ve never been more satisfied.

With “the way things are going.”

With our damned fool selves.

We deserve the dystopia that is to come.

Story by Chris Graham

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