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Take stock: How are the fundamentals of your business, marketing?


wall-streetWe’re all on edge right now because the stock market is going through a correction, and who needs volatility at a time when it was just starting to seem like things were getting back on track, right?

This is as good a time as any to take stock of how things are going for your business. How are your fundamentals looking right about now?

We can tend to roll along like a bull market. When things are going great, you almost don’t want to think about why they’re going great, for fear that you’ll mess up whatever mojo is responsible.

At the end of every month, and then at the end of each quarter, we take a work day to assess how we’re doing, in terms of the day-to-day, and also the big-picture stuff.

Are we behind on any projects? Do we need to jumpstart anything that has been on the shelf for a while? Those are among the items on our day-to-day list.

On the big-picture checklist, are there opportunities to do something new that are worth exploring and maybe fleshing out?

This is how you keep the fundamentals of your business humming. (There’s no such thing as mojo, as we all know.)

Chris Graham is the president of Augusta Free Press LLC, a full-service marketing, website design and graphic design firm based in Waynesboro, Va. AFP has been providing business services to clients in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic since 2002. More online at AFPBusiness.com.



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