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Super Bowl Live Blog

nyg_logo-80x90.gifne_logo-80x90.gifJoin us here at for a live blog during tonight’s Super Bowl!
SportsDominion editor Chris Graham will provide live commentary and analysis during the game pitting the AFC champion New England Patriots (18-0) and the NFC champion New York Giants (14-5).
Chris will also offer his thoughts on the other important part of Super Bowl Sunday – the litany of Super Bowl commercials that will no doubt be the talk of the watercooler tomorrow morning.
Please feel free to join in with your observations on the game and the commercials as well.

25 responses to “Super Bowl Live Blog

  1. Players from the state of Virginia on today’s rosters …

    New England:
    – None.

    New York Giants:
    – Ryan Kuehl, UVa., long snapper
    – Ahmad Bradshaw, Marshall by way of UVa., running back

  2. New York 3, New England 0
    Impressive drive for the Giants, obviously. Eli Manning was the king of third down on the drive, and the Giants were able to get what they wanted on the ground.
    This game could look like the final regular-season game – or really any of several games down the stretch that the Pats had to play, once Philly laid out how to beat them.

  3. Good “cheese run” Bud Light commercial.
    Still trying to figure out the Audi spot. Big waste of time, our SB party has adjudged.

  4. Was that the quickest first quarter of an NFL football game you’ve ever seen, or what?

  5. NE 7, NYG 3 – Maroney 1-yard run, 14:57/2nd
    The commercials seem weak to this point, overall.

  6. Take it back – like the G2 commercial with Derek Jeter, Bill Parcells and Peyton Manning.

  7. Save that one mistake, the Giants are playing at least even with the Pats, if not better.

  8. Offenses dominate first quarter, now defenses dominating second quarter.
    Pretty remarkable there – Brady gets sacked once every 28 dropbacks, and he just got sacked on back-to-back plays.

  9. NE 7, NYG 3, halftime
    The Giants game plan is obviously working. Limit the number of possessions for the Pats, hit Brady early and often and hard, keep the game close.

  10. Interesting choice there – going for fourth-and-13 at the 31 instead of attempting the field goal. Shows the level of confidence that Belichick has in his kicker.

  11. Agreed on the commercials. Tremendously underwhelming. Quite a surprise, given the hype ahead of time.

  12. How could you leave Moss that wide open in the end zone?
    And to do so because you’re doubling Welker …

  13. We will never see another run like the one from New England ever again. Coaches who have a chance at doing this will read the result in this one and assume that they need to do what they can to ratchet down the pressure on their team. I don’t know that pressure from being undefeated had anything to do with this, personally.

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