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Morton: The strength in our union


Column by Feda Morton

Wednesday night in President Obama’s lengthy State of the Union address he declared our union to be “strong”. I take issue with that. I do believe the resolve of hard working Americans is strong. I believe in the strength of the voices of the voters of Massachusetts in last week’s election. And, I believe in the faith and willingness of our hardworking middle-class to persevere despite Mr. Obama’s job killing policies.

Mr. Obama, the only “strength” in our union comes from our people and their faith in God. The American spirit cannot thrive under the policies you propose. Growing government doesn’t help Americans who are struggling to find employment or small business owners who want to hire more workers. Policies like cap and trade and government-run healthcare stifle, not stimulate, job creation because they place an undue burden on entrepreneurs. 

A strong leader sticks to his promises, no matter how politically inexpedient they are. But, to say one thing and do another is a continual theme in this administration. Support for a second stimulus comes alongside a call for a budget “freeze.” Pledges of transparency are met with denials to C-SPAN to air healthcare negotiations. Appeals for bipartisanship are followed with attacks on Republicans and lectures to the Supreme Court of the United States. Enough is enough.

It is time for authentic leadership in the Fifth District of Virginia. Instead of a representative in Washington who walks lock-step with the Democrats and their agenda, Virginians need someone who will challenge the notion that government always knows best. I will take on “politics-as-usual” in Washington with homegrown, common-sense solutions that allow life, liberty, and opportunity to flourish.


Feda Morton is a candidate for the Republican congressional nomination in the Fifth District.




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