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Mark Cuban lays out Trump-proof 2024 strategy for Biden: President-for-Life

Chris Graham
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Basketball and tech billionaire Mark Cuban wins the internet today, with his suggestion from over the weekend to Joe Biden that the POTUS should thank his predecessor, Donald Trump, for the “playbook” to use for 2024.

“I wish Biden would come out and say he wants Trump on the ballot. The 14th doesn’t apply. Then thanks him for the playbook describing how to never leave office and the appreciation of knowing he can’t be charged, no matter what he does. And ends it with ‘My Fellow Americans, I’m not ever going to leave the White House and there is nothing you can do to me,’” Cuban tweeted on Sunday.

Sheer genius.

Building on the idea, MSNBC political analyst Mehdi Hasan offered this coda in a quote-tweet:

“I’ve actually said before that Biden should regularly point to Kamala Harris and say to Trump and MAGA, ‘So on Jan 6th 2025, you’re ok with her deciding which electoral college votes count and which don’t? Cool…”

Hard to argue their points on this, isn’t it, MAGA?

I mean, either Trump broke the law trying to overturn the 2020 election to keep himself in power, and should be disqualified from the 2024 ballot and also face serious jail time, or all he did was just not see what his legal team is claiming to be a wholly by the book blueprint all the way through, and in the process of failing to subvert democracy the way they laid it out inadvertently signaled to Biden how he can just declare himself the 2024 winner anytime between now and noon Jan. 20, 2025.

If you buy the idea that Trump didn’t do anything wrong after losing the 2020 election, then why wouldn’t Biden be able to do the same looking ahead to 2024?

Come on. You can see the logic here.

Dark Brandon just directs Harris to disqualify electoral votes from red states, whips up some activists to rattle cages in Congress if need be, and it’s settled.

Joe Biden: President-for-Life.

If it works for the one guy, it works for the other.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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