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Let’s come together, America


So this is what we have become. America, the greatest nation on the planet, and our own elected officials, feel it more productive to heckle the president, and likening him to Hitler, rather than come up with practical solutions for the daunting problems that confront our society.

Congressman Wilson, Steve Landes and others, please tell us how your behavior is helping to create a better life for the communities that you represent? Is calling your president a nazi helping to put food on the table for the thousands of unemployed in your district? Is it creating good-paying jobs or reducing the burden on our educational system? hmm? Is disrespecting the decorum of Congress by calling the president a liar helping people with their medical bills or solving the energy crisis? By demeaning the office of the president, do you honestly think that you are helping to reduce taxes, fix the immediate transportation problem or bettering the quality of life of the people who you were elected to represent?

The childish name-calling, useless rhetoric, hate speech and shallow, unfulfilled promises have become second nature to our career politicians and exposes the dysfunctional nature of our political system. We are tired of ineffective politicians, beholden to special interests, who have forgotten their communities and constituents. We deserve elected officials who humbly honor the office that they hold, and who respect the office of the President of this great nation. More importantly, we deserve officials who want to actually make a difference and help our neighbors prosper. We deserve better.


Greg Marrow is the Democratic Party nominee in the 25th House District.



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