newsaugusta county jumping on dumb second amendment sanctuary bandwagon

Augusta County on the dumb Second Amendment sanctuary bandwagon

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The Augusta County Board of Supervisors, not content with lowering tax rates to the point that it can’t pay for decent schools, is now intent on making the county a fake Second Amendment sanctuary.

Yes, folks, this is really happening.

A press release from the county claims that the board has heard from “many concerned citizens” about the possibility of making Augusta County a Second Amendment sanctuary.

What this would involve is passing a resolution to make Republicans feel good that they’re doing something to shove it up the backsides of Northern Virginia libturds.

What maybe board members should consider doing is take steps to make it so that the county provides for itself, so that it doesn’t have to take NoVa money to provide for basic services.


This weiners-flapping-in-the-wind session is set for Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 6 p.m. at Stuarts Draft High School

Absolute nonsense. You should all be ashamed.

Story by Chris Graham



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