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When you go shopping for new electrical appliances or gadgets, you will find a tag on the product that says “tested” with the name of the tester and the date the product was tested. This is rather important to ensure that the product is safe for use and does not pose any threat to users in any way. It is needless to say that regular use of electronic items can easily shorten their life. This is why there are several large electrical machinery used in some industries that require regular testing and tagging in order to ensure that these do not pose a threat to the workers who use them every day.

How to Test and Tag Different Electrical Items

There are several types of electrical items that require regular and proper testing and tagging according to Electrical Testing AU. These have been discussed below.


When it comes to testing and tagging a computer, there are 4 items that need such tests, which are the monitor, desktop PC, and 2 different IEC leads. Each of these items will require their own individual test tags. Before you test your computer, make sure that it is shut down properly. Computers are connected to the monitors with the help of VGA cables. Since these VGA cables are made in such a way that these shield themselves from electromagnetic interferences, the shielding is connected to the earth of the desktop of the monitor. Once you know about this, testing and tagging a computer will become simpler since you do not have to move the earth return lead while testing the system.


It is normally seen that testing a microwave often confuses people for different reasons. If you are a beginner, it is important for you to remember that you need to measure the electrical leakage, also known as differential leakage, of the appliance. This is not the same as microwave emissions. These two are completely different tests and often confuse people. For the latter test, you will require a microwave leakage tester and also microwave leakage tags. It is also important to ensure that you run the right test for your microwave. There are many people who simply measure the earth continuity and the insulation of their microwaves, when, on the contrary, they should be measuring the leakage current.


When it comes to testing your fridge, you need to remember certain important steps. Since most of the fridges are Class I electrical devices, you will have to find a metal touch point in order to perform the Insulation and Earth Continuity Test. It will not be a bad idea to conduct a Leakage Current test also. In fact, this is considered as a good practice when it comes to testing fridges. You also need to remember that it is important for you to leave your fridge door open. This will let the cold air escape, as a result of which, the fridge will turn on and therefore, create a circuit. It is important for you to remember that Leakage Current test is the preferred option when it comes to motorized compressors.

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