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How to fight depression in New York City

New York, New York! If you can make it here, as the song goes, you can make it anywhere. But making it here isn’t easy, and big-city living can take a serious toll on your mental health. Experts say that 8 percent of men and 10 percent of women in New York City suffer from some form of depression. That’s a serious thing, and we each need to be careful about how we manage our mental health needs. For those of us who count ourselves among the number of depressed New Yorkers, as well as those of us who are unsure whether we have depression or not, it’s important to seek treatment and fight for our mental health. Here’s what you can do in New York City to combat depression.

Go to therapy


New York City is full of fantastic features, and our therapists are no exception. Some of the best mental health professionals in the world ply their trade in New York City, so depressed New Yorkers have every reason to seek the help of a great therapist.

Therapy isn’t just about addressing serious issues, explain the experts at Therapy Group of NYC, though it can be a powerful option for combating issues like depression and anxiety. Therapy is about everything we think and do; it’s about becoming a happier and more thoughtful person, a better partner, and a more stable presence at work and at home. Why not try it?

Go to a psychiatrist

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists are all trained mental health professionals, but a few differences exist among them. While some psychiatrists offer therapy and some therapists can prescribe medication, psychiatrists are generally more known for treating mental health issues with prescription medications. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications because they are medical doctors.

You may or may not find that you need medicine, and you may or may not find certain medications to be effective. But medication can make a huge difference to some patients. It can also be part of an effective mental health strategy that combines medicines with talk therapy. Just look for a professional who offers both, or a practice that combines psychiatrists and psychologists in a treatment team.

Get outside (and out of the crowds)

Nature is good for our mental health. So is simply being outside. Unfortunately, New Yorkers tend to spend a lot of time inside of buildings in our concrete jungle. Even when we’re outside, we’re likely to be crammed in crowds, not enjoying the expanse of the outdoors.

But New York City does have a ton of parkland. And, if you seek it out, you will find green spaces, quiet areas, and personal space. Make it your mission to do so, and you’ll find that you feel a little better.

Focus on your physical health

New York City is a stressful place, so many of us struggle with our mental health. But it’s also important to remember that physical and mental health needs are intertwined. Our mental health suffers when we eat poorly, for instance, and when we neglect exercise.

New Yorkers are busy people, and many of us skip our workouts or eat takeout because we don’t have time to cook. If you can fight these bad habits and deliver a healthier exercise and diet plan to your body, you’ll be delivering better health to your mind, too.

Lifestyle changes can be a big help to New Yorkers, but remember: Depression is not something that you want to fight alone. Be sure to enlist the help of New York City’s superb mental health care professionals.

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