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Charlottesville radio host files suit in Albemarle County over voting issue

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Radio host and founder Rob Schilling is initiating a lawsuit against Albemarle County election officials after he was confronted while attempting to vote in the June 8 primary without a mask.

Attorney Matthew D. Hardin filed the complaint in Robert Schilling v. Jake Washburne, Leo Mallek, and John Does 1 and 2 in federal court on Monday.

Washburne is the voting registrar in Albemarle County. Mallek is the voting precinct chief in the county’s Woodbrook precinct.

“What happened to me was beyond atrocious,” Schilling said. “Albemarle County voters should never face intimidation, harassment, and physical assault by elections officials when attempting to cast a ballot. These egregious violations of my rights, all captured on video, must be legally rectified.”

Hardin said that the suit was filed in federal court because Schilling’s right to vote under the U.S. Constitution is at stake.

“The government can’t use phony reasoning to prevent a citizen from casting a ballot, and the Supreme Court has made clear that your right to vote in a primary is constitutionally protected,” Hardin said.

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